Thursday, June 26, 2008

Three Wonderful Years!

On Wednesday the 25th, Lance and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun that's for sure. We have always wanted to ride on a train so we rode the Heber Valley RR through Provo Canyon. It was beautiful! We ate a yummy meal of steak and ribs at The Claim Jumper in Heber and watched a movie at home. It was perfect!

I am so grateful for Lance and for the privledge I have to be sealed to him for time and all eternity. He is such an incredible man and a wonderful husband. I am eternally grateful for and in awe of his hard work, his integrity, his spirituality, his dedication to his family and to others, his commitment to the gospel and his calling, his amazing good looks, how easily he can make me laugh, how much he can eat and not gain a pound and how fun he is to cook for, his compliments no matter what I look like, the way he spontaneously reverts to 12 year old behavior on occasion, and the list goes on. I am so grateful for his ability to love me so perfectly--quirks and all. Thanks baby--for being you--and for loving me! I love you long time!

Time in UP

Got to go home a few weeks ago for the last Shaw girl graduation. Hard to believe! It was so fun being home for bonding time, all together minus Lance and Mike who were hard at work in Springville and Vegas. We had graduation, time at home, a Mariner's game, Father's Day with all the girls, hot tub parties, walks at Chambers Bay, a Tiger's game (Cole's baseball team) and time at the cabin--a perfect combination. A week later my mom and Brooke came down to get Brooke moved in to dorm at BYU for summer term. It was fun to have lots of bonding time with them and even more fun to have Brooke here all summer. Here are a few more pics from the trip....