Friday, November 18, 2011

QUICK trip to P-town

We flew in and out of SLC when we traveled to Idaho Falls for Meg's wedding so we got to spend about a day at the beginning and a day at the end of our weekend with Brooke and Jake in Provo. We have a lot of friends/family in the area that we wish we could have had time with too, especially because our trips to Utah are becoming few and far between but seeing everyone didn't happen. We did make it back to Provo in time to see Jake play in the BYU vs. Idaho's about time!

Brooke and Ben making sammies before the game:)

It was only 32 degrees and a late game but we bundled up and had a blast--Ben too!
He was a trooper!

The Cougar tail
and suckers may have contributed to his good mood:) I wont win any good mom awards in regards to nutrition but Hey, you do what you can to entertain a two year old for HOURS in the freezing cold. Fortunately we have trained him well and he loved yelling "go cougars" and "TOUCHDOWN JAKEY" :)
Before the game Ben was thrilled to see Cosmo...he just wasn't quite expecting a quick handoff for a pic (hence the expression in the pic below:), the rest of the game he looked for him on the sidelines and reported that Cosmo says Go Cougars! :)

we were an hour early with really no traffic (didn't consider the fact that Jake's pass gets us front row parking, it was late game, mormon standard time, and the freezing temps)
Needless to say there were lots of self portrait and photo sessions to kill time:)

waiting for Jake after the game, Ben thoroughly enjoyed watching the clean up crew sweeping and blowing trash to the aisles in the stadium--pretty entertaining:)

Ben loves him some "Jakey"

Sleepy boys on drive through canyon from Park City

Fortunately caught Grandma Lou before she headed to Branson for the week and had a nice quick visit:) love you grandma and so glad you are home and recovered and finally feeling well!

Saying bye to the Heaps:(

I must admit--I am pretty confident I have the BEST 2 year old EVER--especially on the airplane! I calculated and counting the multiple plane trips it takes to get anywhere from KY, Ben has been on a plane (taking off and landing) nearly 30 times!! He is a pro traveler! He has only cried 1x on a plane when he was 6 mo old on the LONG all night flight home from Hawaii for 3 minutes-thats it!
This time, Ben spent the first nearly 40 min looking out the window in picture 1, a half an hour playing quietly with the seatbelt in pic 2, a long while playing with his cars (the ONLY toy I brought:) in pic 3, watched a little Elmo and enjoyed some cheez-its in pic 4, and then sweetly cuddled and watched our final descent and landing out the window---BEN IS A ROCKSTAR!! I have to brag because everyone keeps telling me I will never be so lucky as to have more than one of these PERFECT babies so I try to enjoy every minute! Oh, how I love him!!
With 30 flights under his belt, Ben definitely took advantage of his first 2 free years of flying--now he gets to have his own seat--ugh!

Megan & Cole 11-11-11

I was given the special assignment of taking pics with Debra's, the mother of the bride, camera so these are all I have from mine...

I cant wait to post more because it was BEAUTIFUL! Meg looked gorgeous!! the weather turned out beautiful--a little chilly--but SOOO much better than what was forecast and best you can expect for Idaho in Nov. The food at the lunch was delicious and the new Mr & Mrs Carrigan were sooo happy which is all we were hoping for! It was fun to see the whole Berg crew and Ben bonded with them all super quick and had a bunch of fun with his cousins:)
It was a quick trip but we are so grateful for Meg giving us the occasion and Paul and Debra making it possible!!

It's a girl!

The 8th was the big day we've been waiting for...

its a GIRL!!

In the top two pics she held up her hand, gave a little wave, a thumbs up, then straight into her mouth went that thumb! It was soo sweet:) (Not gonna lie, a thumb sucker sounds ok right now as I am battling the binky farewell with Ben)

Lance was holding Ben and kept pointing out his new little sister on the monitor--
Ben looked at the screen and informed us all it was a "ghost...a nice ghost" :)
we are thrilled and CANNOT WAIT to meet baby girl Bergeson in March!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We stretched out our costume parties and Halloween festivities as much as possible and Ben proudly sported Elmo all of October it seems:)

I wasn't super thrilled about Elmo costume at first but the second I saw how much Ben LOVED it I knew there was no going back! Look at him! He stared in this mirror and just smiled at himself:)

Our first costume outing was
Boo at the Zoo:

We met at Tafoya's and walked to the park.
Ben was in a good mood I promise--just in a zone in all the group pics
(minus Lakai, he wasnt feeling it:)
(L to R: Koston, Ben, Zach, Jake, and Riley)

Ben with a stick--of course!

posing with Lakai on the Rhino:)

and with Elmo his favorite:), and the Toy Story crew

The kiddies even braved the hay bale maze this year and loved it!

Next was the Church Fall Harvest Festival a.k.a: Halloween Party :)

It was carnival style and a lot of fun--Berg's at the photo booth
(Ben thought his eye glass was a bubble)

about a half hour before the party I decided if I was gonna be lame and recycle my sweatshirt/costume from last year I may as well add baby Berg #2

Last was the 31st: Halloween :)
I had to work--which is always a bummer but turned out ok because I love my job and some of my patients had fantastic costumes!!

Jocelyn watched Ben for me and here the boys are playing outside:)

Then we had Jack-o-lantern pizza (courtesy of Scott & Cassie-thanks!) with the Sonicos and Stallers before Trick-or-treating:)

The kids were soo excited--even though Ben didnt quite know what he was in for--he was ready!

and boy, did he catch on fast!

My quiet little boy was RUNNING door to door the best he could and shouting "trick or treat" "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween" at every door. He was LOVING it!

He looked so big making his way to the door at each house:)

The kids were exhausted at the end but all did so well staying happy!

and Ben was thrilled with his loot!!
He kept trying to count his "canny" and would count 1-15 than start over :) I suppose I should move on and teach him 15-40 so he can count all his candy:)

We had so much fun watching Ben catch on and be old enough to kind of get it this year and I fell in love with the Elmo costume!