Monday, April 5, 2010

Ben at 3 months

Ben at 3 months:

Ben, You are smiling more all the time! You practically laugh with your huge smiles and throw your head back but we are anxiously awaiting your first laugh when sound actually comes out.

You regularly make a surprised face-like you are totally shocked-its pretty funny!

Your coos and noises are sounding more distinctive and you are talking more every day! when you are in the mood you can carry on quite long and mature conversations.

You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing (and have been for about a month cuz your arms and legs are so stinkin’ long) with some 0-3 and some 6-12:)

you will move to size 2 diapers as soon as we use up the last of our size 1 pack.

I am not sure exactly what you weigh, but I would guess around 14 lbs (1/2 of which I think you carry in your cheeks :)

you still tuck your bottom lip in like you have since birth as pictured below:)

(and even with his lip in he is cute Grandpa Paul :)

You are improving in the sleep category-you sleep about 10-11 hours-that is with usually one 15 minute cuddle time with mom and an occasional snack because you miss me:) and I love rocking with you so I dont mind. you still take about three 1-2 hour naps a day-you sleep longer and sounder on your tummy which we know is a no-no so we only lay you on your tummy when we are in the same room but we put you back in crib on back for at least 1 nap each day

You can pretty much hold your head up on your own and like to sit in your bumbo seat.

You have rolled over from your tummy to your back a few time but not quite volitionally yet:)

You are starting to lose your perfect little boy hair cut but I am sure it will grow back in super cute and thick in no time.

You have been lifting your feet up a ton lately- im sure it wont be long till you play with them or try to fit them in your mouth like you do with everything else

You spit up aLOT--so much so that mom knew something wasnt quite right and you are now on some medicine for reflux. You hate the medicine but are so sweet and take it like a good boy! It hasnt helped to much yet but we anxiously await the day that your little cardiac sphincter tightens up and you can keep your meals down. (Not to mention the idea that someday you and i wont smell like sour milk all day sounds fabulous)

You love to read books and your favorite toy is your ribbon blanky that Grandma Neecy made you and your bouncy seat that we hook all sorts of toys too that has light up stars and sings songs ( Thanks Parker cousins for sharing and Grandma Parker I think for sharing with them:)

Speaking of songs-you LOVE to sing songs! Nursery rhymes, primary songs, moms silly songs, and especially dads made up songs-those are your favorite!

You have thoroughly enjoyed march madness-if we let you, which we don't!- you would watch an entire basketball game on t.v. (or prob anything for that matter but we prefer to think you are already a sports fan:)-but we did let you watch general conference this last weekend

You have recently discovered yours hands. You spend a good portion of the day attempting to fit your entire fist into your mouth and you think they are so yummy. Besides the slobber factor its nice to now have built on entertainment that we can take with us everywhere we go:)

You still love your binky and it helps you cuddle in for your 3 naps/day and keeps you oh so reverent at church. You also love to have your silky blanket from Great Grandma Lou up against your cheek and you wrap your arms around it-I love it-its so adorable!

You still love love love bath time. It’s a nightly ritual except on Sundays, then it’s a morning ritual. You love to talk to the little boy reflecting in the brass work in grandma’s tub and lapping up the water on moms hand or in the washcloth. You don’t relax in tub as much as you used to because you are too busy kicking and swimming.

You went from despising the car to just tolerating it but you still complain the whole time and lament being in your car seat to the “little boy”-your reflection-in the mirror on the head rest. But ill take whining over crying anyday-so thanks for the improvement buddy!

We got out pics of the mom when she was 3 mo and its official, you are a mini-daddy

(which i dont mind because i happen to think you are both quite handsome!)

you are so fun to play with. you give huge smiles when you make eye contact with anyone-especially mom and dad! You were so good during conference! The above picture is mom enjoying and hearing all 4 sessions of conference for the last time for a few years probably.

You love to snuggle and cuddle--even when you are wide awake. And we love to cuddle and snuggle with you so its perfect. I hope that never changes!

Thats BPB at 3 least the details that I can think of right now

We love you more than you will ever know! as do many others. We are so grateful you came to live with us and we get to be your mom and dad. Thanks for being such a sweet boy!

We love you to the moon and back!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thank You Easter Bunny for my 3 Mos Old!

had to try on the hand me down easter bib on the only day he can wear it ever:)

Lance and Ben listening to our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson speak to us on Easter. What a perfect holiday weekend for General Conference. To celebrate His atonement and resurrection and hear His words/counsel for us in the latter days through the prophet and apostles.

Although this is a season of rebirth, I'm grateful that Mr Ben has been on God's green earth for 3 mo now:) I can even look back @ the pain fondly for what it brought me since he just gets more fun with every passing month and more handsome if I do say so myself...runs in the family with my boys!
We had to postpone outdoor photo shoot of cousins adorned in Easter best no thanks to the very "Spring in WA" weather; however, much to Lance's questioning, we couldn't resist these indoor poses...

Aunt Beck had to supplement Ben's Easter basket with this King Benjamin action figure to dispell wiggles @ Church in upcoming weeks. I threw in some Superfeet & beef jerky for Lance, a church book for Ben and some candy for me:)

Lance and the boys wrestling saturday night before easter
--just thought the pic was cute so had to throw it in:)
Lance is practicing for when Ben gets bigger..
Stay tuned for easter pics with local boy cousins
when schedule and weather permits....