Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brooke's 18th Birthday!

We started Brooke's birthday festivities the night before her birthday with a steak and potato dinner (her fav) at my house, a fun game of softball at the park, and, per request, funfetti confetti cupcakes. On her birthday, after my work and her classes, Brooke, Katie, Lucy, and I headed up to Park City to ride the Alpine Slides and Coaster. We had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures. We ended the evening with a delicious meal at Macaroni Grill and a fun "making of a birthday video" session around Provo. Later that weekend we made a trip to SLC to show Katie Temple Square and ended up taking some pretty awesome shadow pics.

I can't express how much I have loved having Brooke in town this Summer. She graduated in June and started Summer Term at BYU. While she was not super happy about coming to school so quick after HS grad, I have been so grateful for the time and fun we have had together. Happy Birthday Brooke! I love you and am so proud of the person you have become! Thanks for being my sister and my friend!

So the video, I am certain, was extremely obnoxious to everyone but us. I reverted back to my freshman days when my friends and I made videos and busted out the video camera for a drive around Provo. We had a ton of fun--and that is what 18th birthdays are all about!

Photobooth goodness!

So I have this awesome program on my computer that can
distort the picture in a variety of different ways. I am sure many have enjoyed
the hours of entertainment Photobooth on Macs can provide--
We have had a lot of fun with this program since
I got the computer in October and figured I would share some of our favorites
featuring Lance and I and my cute sisters Brooke & Cait. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

There ain't no doubt I love this land...God bless the USA!

Lance and I went up to the Englund's house in Salt Lake (Amber's parents) for Independence Day festivities. We had a delicious BBQ dinner, courtesy of Ryan Englund and then headed up by the capital building to watch all of the fireworks in the valley with Dan, Amber, and Emily Christensen (cousins). We had a really fun time and after many attempts at a self portrait, we got a good picture or two. It was fun bonding with Dan and Amber while they stopped into Salt Lake on their way from Illinois to Oregon--who knows, maybe we will join them in Portland next year for Dental school?!