Friday, September 20, 2013

December 2012

Again--another month post that is mostly pics vs. text but theres no better journal than a picture journal when your kids are as cute as mine!! :)Just need to get caught up so I can start fresh again!

Blake's first time in the car cart:)

we decided to start a new fun tradition this year by inviting an Elf to come to our house this Holiday season. Chippey of course is his name because Ben had already seen the movie and could think of no other name:)

I thoroughly enjoyed finding new places for Chippey to land each night and Ben LOVE LOVE LOVED looking for him, talking to him, chasing Blake from touching him, and telling him all about his Christmas list. 

Caught Ben just chatting with Chippey

My sweet babes...

Chippey got into all of our leftover Halloween candy:)

Funny face selfies with my little man:)

Costco with my two little buddies:)

We took Ben to the Polar Express. It had quickly become his favorite movie over the last month and he wants to watch it every day. When we told him we were going to ride on the real train he was excited beyond belief.

perfect occasion to wear new HA Christmas Jammies

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Chippey was all packed up and ready to go to Grandma's

Gingerbread/Graham houses with Aunt Caity:)

Whats a trip home without a trip to BDA? Ben's first dental appt! 
He did soo awesome and was so brave and willing to try whatever they asked him to!

visit to Lake Merwin to check on the progress

Blake's first looks at Merwin--love at first sight--just like her mama!

Chippey made it to Grandma's house

Grandma got an early Christmas gift....a true surprise

Blake was a fan for sure!
Kona and Kai--sisters:)

Ben started training them right away:)

meeting santa--I had no idea how darling he was:) 

Christmas Break in Royal:

bowling at Lake Bowl

Its not a trip to Royal without a Chicos Pizza night

The Bergeson Grandkids Nativity


Chippey even found his way to Royal

Back to UP on Christmas Eve

Chimes-my favorite tradition!

as pictured above--Cait started to really not feel good...
sister pic with Cait in moms bed:)

after "Santa" showed up

Christmas Morning:)

Ben--of course--quickly collected all the candy canes!

Fortunately Santa remembered the 2 things that Ben asked for!
Mack Truck and Brent Mustangburger from Cars

Christmas day hot tub party:)

riding up to Bremerton for a Ferry ride:)

Ben and Blake's first trip to Pikes Place Market:)

Our Christmas Movie--a little later that week--Rise of the Guardians
we loved it!


The kids loved bowling in Royal so much we decided to go again in UP 
to celebrate January birthdays:) Cait loves bowling!



We flew back to home in KY just in time for a NYE kiss from both my boys! 
Heres to a wonderful 2013!