Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ben 2009 Campaign

Its been too long sorry--ill get better at this posting thing when i have a handsome little guy to post pictures of (Lance and I are kinda boring:). Quick recap. We had a wonderful time in UT for Ian & Rachel's wedding and a fun Thanksgiving with the Bergeson crew including a whirlwind weekend in Royal for the reception. The CD of pictures Debra gave me for some reason doesn't work on my computer so I have no fun pics to show for that trip but we had a great time. AND I turned 26--Im getting old!

December started with a fun shower with so many generous friends/family and a LOT of fun new things for Ben and I.

Getting ready for Ben and Christmas made December fly by! Finished working for now and Christmas was wonderful. (will try to post pics later) It was fun to be in our house and have our own tree this year considering the last 4 years we have come home to WA for Holidays and skipped the whole christmas decor thing (thanks sisters for surprising us with tree for my b-day). dont have any pics from festivities on Christmas eve because i didnt have my NEW camera yet:) Thanks Lance!
Then went to my parents for a BIG yummy breakfast all together and a relaxing day. All my sisters were in town for Christmas this year for the first time in a while and we had so much fun! We were very blessed for Christmas this year!

His nursery is ready and darling! My mom did such an awesome job on the bedding--i LOVE it! (will post final pics when I get pictures of my little man in all the frames and the lamp in place--here are just some teasers from a few weeks ago)

Lance has been so awesome to finish any little project I had for him to get everything ready for our little man and he always did it right when his ornery prego wife asked him to (usually with a smile on his face)--such a good dad already!:)

Nursery ready-check. New BOB stroller all assembled-check. Swing-check. Car seat in car-check. 0-3 mo.clothes all washed and put away-check. Hospital bags packed-check. Slightly uncomfortable and very large mom-check. Now we just need my sweet Ben to make his grand entrance--and we would REALLY like him to come in '09.

Thus I start my Ben 2009 Campaign--haha. Not just for the tax deduction or because i am miserable--because really i don't feel too bad (which i shouldn't admit because now he wont come for sure)--just really anxious to meet him and hold him. It would just be better for a book full of reasons including Ben meeting his Aunts Rachel (&fam), Megan, and Brooke before they all head back to their respective "homes" after the holidays. I walked 5-6 miles today-including Chambers Bay this morning and another walk this evening. Jumped on the trampoline. and am willing to try any and all induction suggestions:)

Truth is being "due" tomorrow means nothing really--he will come when he wants and I cant control it--so back to the waiting game. Cross your fingers he comes on the 31st!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well the stolen signal we use and lovingly call "our internet" has not been working lately (Dang it "Trish"!) and I am way behind on blogging. So I came to my mom's to download some stuff and thought I would quickly post a "catch up" post:)

I am 31.5 weeks and my little man is BUSY! He is all over the place and I love it. Despite the fact that it occasionally hurts, makes restful sleeping hard, and makes me nauseous sometimes (just sometimes) I really do love it because when he doesn't move for a day or so--or at least I don't notice--then I cry:) haha--like last week. Poor Lance was getting ready for a microbio test he was anxious about and I for my appointment when he put his hand on my tummy and said "is he moving or resting." Little did he know his emotional wife would start crying right before he had to leave because I was worried that he was too still:) but I went to my appointment and my 3.5 lb little boy is doing well and since then its been pay back because he kicks me and sommersaults constantly! Lance said that its him telling me "Mom-im fine-chill out" probably so--just want him here safe and sound!

Took advantage of our last halloween for a while without costumes and trick-or-treating by just laying low:) Made some yummy soup and watched TV--we didnt even get one trick-or-treater on our street so I am stuck with the candy:) I was proud of myself for wearing an orange sweater and black pants to work (not a typical combo for me:). Then I got even more festive when a nurse and patient had the idea to make Ben a jack-o-lantern for his first Halloween. This will probably be the one and only bump documented so enjoy:) its large but fun to be getting bigger (just wish it was only my tummy and not my face!) oh well--he's worth it!

Last Weds my mom, Cait and I were quite festive with our Halloween Dinner for the boys while Beck was at her Young Women in Excellence program. Together we made mummy dogs, apple mouths, cheesy brains, and spider cupcakes. The boys humored us and had fun I think--Luke especially liked frosting and decorating the spiders (eating the frosting:)

Anyways--not much else is new. Luke and Paigey (my cute nephew and niece) both turned one this last month which is crazy how fast they grow! I cant believe I will have one of my own next mo. maybe?! Still working about 4x/week which is perfect and Lance is aceing his Microbiology class like I knew he would! We are working on painting the nursery, mom is lovingly making the bedding and the glider is being delivered on thursday. Much to Lance's confusion, with 8 weeks still to go, I got bored last week and already washed, folded and put away all his 0-6 mo. clothes in his drawers (Thanks Parker's for the hand-me-downs--Ben is set with all your cute clothes!) and Rach and Beck hooked me up with all my maternity clothes too--it pays to be the third!

Anyways, the hunt is still on for the perfect stroller, and perfect car seat and then we will be set. I would love any and all suggestions/recommendations please!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

quick trip to Royal!

Went on quick trip to Royal right when we got home from cruise for Sarah Bergeson (Chad and Marnie's new baby girl) and Kinsey Thomas' (Tim and Tara's new baby girl) blessings on Sunday. Even got to meet Ian's cute girlfriend Rachel! It was fun to be together but we missed Megan! We look forward to the Bergeson family being all together at Thanksgiving!


So this year for Lance's birthday I officially rocked:) haha-- I decided at the beginning of September that I wanted to just be spontaneous and frivolous and surprise Lance with a well deserved get away for his birthday and one last romantic vacation just the two of us before the baby comes in a few months. So I did it...I decided to do it, I called a travel agent friend, called his boss and secretly arranged for him to have the week off without him knowing (not hard to do when your husband is: EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR--way to go babe!) and within the week a four day cruise to Mexico was planned!

Now all I had to do was keep it a secret for a few weeks--very hard for me but the surprise was definitely worth it. I printed every possible receipt, every confirmation for transportation, flights, etc., because being solely responsible for such a big trip was scary. One thing I overlooked was the cruise line's policy re: being 24 weeks or less prego--big trouble, big drama, refusing us boarding, me crying, etc. etc but thanks to a wonderful doctor and the dear Karen Dumboldton (sp?) of the cruise line personnel, we barely made it on board and could relax and enjoy...and eat all we wanted :)

Lance's boss posted a fake schedule and she was so sweet to work with me to have him totally surprised. He figured out we were going somewhere only when I picked him up from work monday morning at 9 and he saw our luggage. My mom dropped us up at airport and it didn't tell him where we were going until we had been on plane for 30 min or so! so fun! He had no clue and was way excited!

All our pics looks the same--self portraits, with no make-up, squinty eyes, and weird green outline our camera does sometimes--but here are some pics from our wonderful trip nonetheless. Hard to feel super cute on a cruise with all the skinny bikini clad girls when your 6 mo. prego but I got over it quick and enjoyed every minute.

We definitely ate our fair share, played putt putt, I dominated in ping pong, laid out a little, walked laps, lifted weights, explored the ports, met some new fun couples at our dinner table, and enjoyed much needed sleep during normal night hours (a nice break for Lance from graveyard shift). It was wonderful and I highly recommend it to all. Happy Birthday Baby! I had so much fun getting away with you and hope you loved the trip and enjoyed your well deserved break!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

end of summer in a nutshell...

whoa! It has been a busy summer and has flown by! Went to Lance's 10 year in Royal--Started working Full Time at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup--Lance and I moved to a duplex in UP--bonding with the fam-having all 4 of my sisters in town at the same time!!--Had the annual week at Merwin at my parent's cabin with extended family and friends--Enjoyed month of fun with Parkers and Uffen's in town--Have enjoyed multiple M's games with my family and the Bergeson's--YM/YW activities and lessons--weekends at the cabin--etc. etc. Posting pictures of all these fun times would be possible but would take too long so ill just post a few:)...

THEN '99 NOW '09
(Kjel, Dan, Lance) (Dan, Lance, Kjel)
Reunion Dinner

I am so glad I have a husband who can put things together and fix anything--even without any directions:) It was so fun to get the crib and changing table together--now we just need to paint and decide on fabric my wonderful mother can use to make the bedding:)

We have not set up the internet at our new place yet so we have yet to announce the exciting news we got on August 11. We are having a boy! We cant wait to meet our little man and it has become way more real now that he is a "he" vs. a shim/it.

Oh and I took Lance on his first Ferry ride last week--very fun but a bit windy!

anyways--that is all for now! but there is more to come because in T-10 hours I am surprising Lance with a BIG birthday surprise! and will post about it next week! Cant wait!! Happy early birthday baby!! I LOVE YOU!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 years--Happy Anniversary to us!

Just a public acknowledgment that I am the luckiest!

Then: June 25, 2005

Now: some recent pics from spring '09

I love you baby and can't imagine my life without you! you are my everything! I hope you know how much you are loved! Thanks for loving me and making me so happy!!
Happy 4th Anniversary!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Im bringing home a BABY bumblebee....

YAY! We are prego! I had my first ultrasound on Monday and it was so exciting! Lance and I decided that now that we have seen our little monster move and wave and heard the heartbeat that we could semi-safely announce it. I must admit, having worked in early intervention and with children with developmental delays, I was way nervous! But so far so good and our little guy is healthy thus far. 
We are due December 31st and cannot wait! 
Our little monster is seriously so cute already!!
a.k.a. Junior--as Lance/I affectionately call sh/im,
or iceBerg (according to my dad--weird i know--!?:) or baby bumbleB (my mom)

We found out about 6 weeks ago and it was super hard to keep such a fun secret!
Don't worry--pee stick in the picture is way further from our faces than it appears:) haha

WOW! Spring 09!

Wow-where have I been. There is usually two reasons why I don't post, either i am doing absolutely nothing or I am so busy have the time of my life with family and friends and this spring has definitely been the latter. In fact its been so long, slideshows are going to be my only option.

First slideshow will just be a general spring 09 slideshow--We have been to Royal a few different weekends for some fun bonding with the Bergeson's (Debra is especially fun to surprise--except we felt bad we caught her sick)--We have been loving our callings with the young men/young women and fun times living with my family. I finished my internship in March and started studying for my boards. I went to Utah for a review and to drive back with Boop after she finished her semester--we have super fun road trips together and I loved it! everyone knows i LOVE spending time with my nieces and nephews--especially when they are together in the same state. Rach and her girls spent a few weeks here this spring and we had SOO much fun! I love the bonding time with all my sisters in one place too! Even had a fun trip to the kangaroo farm north of Seattle--who would have thought?! Fun times at the cabin--also have gotten to watch some pretty intense Mariners, Rockstars (Cole's coach pitch), and Dino's (Dane's T-ball) games. Caity-cat also graduated from her community transition program--way to go CAIT!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my month "off".

At the end of April through the first week of May we had a wonderful trip to Hawaii with the whole Shaw family! It was so fun with all 15 of us. We got to see my dad's new condo he bought there last summer and are excited to visit it as often as possible. So many favorite spots at Hapuna, the volcano, malasadas at Tex Drive in, waterfalls at Kolekole, and Waikaloa but I think my all time favorite part of this trip was the dolphin swim. My parents were champs and chartered a boat for us with two professional divers--we went out into the ocean, found a pod of a couple hundred dolphins, and all got IN WITH them. It was so incredible!! The pictures don't do it justice but we were sooooo close to them all--especially lance who turned out to be like the dolphin whisperer--and they were everywhere! Anyways--no way to possibly include all the fun memories and all the fun pics and cant thank my parents enough for such a priceless adventure!

I couldn't narrow down the pictures so im going with the slideshow option again--enjoy!

Right after Hawaii we went to Utah for my graduation! I finally did it--graduated with my Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Utah (No worries-i still bleed blue:) Graduation and my Pinning Ceremony were wonderful cherries on top of a long 3 years (not that the school work was the equivalent to ice cream but the fun times and new life-long friends were super worth it:) we had a super yummy dinner at the ROOF (awesome!) afterwards. While in utah we also got to go the Annual Mother's Day Picnic with the Shaw family and got together with the whole Pitts crew as well! Such a fun, fast weekend.