Wednesday, March 24, 2010

aunt boop

Aunt Brooke was in town for the weekend and we had a lot of fun bonding with her! much to brooke's dismay in her jammies, had to capture this pic of ben and his super long socks that we pulled up to keep him warm without pants thanks to a little accident:) turns out that the gap triple roll socks are thigh highs on him:) We miss you brooke already and cant wait till we see you next! dont worry-Ben will bust out his BYU stuff again in the fall for football season-- perhaps sporting a #9?!
See you soon Toots! love you ttmab!

Go Cougs/Dawgs!

Saturday we were torn between wearing our cougar stuff or our husky stuff-so Ben sported both. Unfortunately this was the last outing for the baby cougar BYU tee but it was a valiant effort by our cougs. Now we can dedicate our cheering to our dawgs. Ben is definitely a sport fan already--he's cheering in this first pic:)
watching the game with dad:)
we got Ben a bumbo because he LOVES to sit up these days. He is still a little small and his poor neck gets tired FAST but he likes it and looks super cute and big-boy like sitting in it:)

Ben loves walks--with BOB and Bjorn.

Little family walk at Chambers Bay.
How lucky are we to have such a beautiful view
and place to walk on sunny spring days!
Mom and Ben before a walk over to Grandpa Jim's

The Good ol' days...

Lindsay was in town for a quick visit from Utah and put together a little get together with friends from HS/pre-HS days. We haven't gotten together much at all since then so it was really fun to catch up and pick up where we left off. I should have brought some MHMB cookies--Mo' Hotta' Mo' Betta :)

Back Row (L to R) : Joel Lindstrom, Emily Masters, Lindsay & Parley Nielson, Mike Forsythe, Josh Hartzell. Front Row (L to R): Sara and Jaeda, Joee Hartzell, Rushton Hartzell, Ben & I, Trisha & Allie Hartzell.

Seeing the nest generation was really fun. This is Ben and Allie Hartzell (Josh & Trish) born in the same hospital less than 24 hrs apart.

Ben checking out the ladies!
Posing with Allie (Josh & Trish Hartzell) and Jaeda (Joel & Sara Lindstrom)

Lindsay, Josh, Joel, & I were pretty inseperable at times when we were younger. We were neighbors, champion roller bladers, had regular movie nights and hot tub parties, and long talks in the cul-de-sac (Lion King style) about everything. Was fun to see all of our kids together! The boys have girls and the girls have boys. I didn't have a great angle on the group shot but here they are from L to R: Ben, Allie (Josh & Trish Hartzell), Jaeda (Joel & Sara Lindstrom), and Parley (Lindsay and Jake Nielson)

3/14: Happy Birthday to my Mother

There is no easy way to even begin to express what my mom means to me and how much I appreciate all that she does for me. She is the best example of charitable service and Christ-like love. I am so grateful for what she does for me as my mom and as a best friend. I have absolutely loved living so close to the family for the past year for walks, errands together, just hanging out and watching our shows, going to institute together, her help adjusting to mommy-hood, daily cooking-cleaning-etc. advice/help, etc. etc. I dont know what I would do without her! She teaches me so much daily about faith and charity through word and example. She definitely deserves to be celebrated and a public THANK YOU for EVERYTHING she does for me and my family!!
Mom-I hope you always know how much I love and appreciate you--TTMAB!

Happy late "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the blog to Rach too who celebrated her birthday on the 4th. She is a wonderful sister and friend and I wish I could see her as often as when we were neighbors or that I could getaway to vegas for a long weekend like when i was only a few hours away.. we have so much fun when we are together and I adore her girlies! but look forward to the fun times when we do get to bond and hopefully a visit this summer!

Ben Goes to Royal...

We headed over to Royal City on the 6th for a quick weekend visit to introduce Ben to more Family and introduce him to the Farm. Ben did a great job in the car on the way over and either smiled or slept the whole 3 hours (little did we know this would be one of our last pleasant car rides).

Bonding with Aunt Marnie--happy to be out of the car seat

Look at that LIP--as sad as it is--I LOVE it!!
Posing with baby cousins
--Sarah and Kinsey were both born in September--
Ben is catching up in size already:)
Ben looking dapper for church
Ben playing with his best buddy, his Daddy
Family Picture after church
I had NO IDEA how well we coordinated :) haha
cuddling with grandpa paul
tummy time!
all the Bergeson grandkids
(L to R: Ben, Haley, Derek, Luke and Sarah, Sydney and Kinsey, Audrey, Kiley)
Dad and Ben's shoes--so cute in comparison
a classic Ben face...
Ben's first intro to a tractor
Lance showing Ben the ropes
Once again documenting Ben smiling in the car--since Royal he has decided that he hates car rides and cries--hard-- no matter how long or short the ride. ANNOYING! Let's hope this is short phase.

we had so much fun and cant wait to go back
--maybe Ben will get a tractor RIDE next time!

Friday, March 5, 2010

2 months old

My friend Sarah does fun monthly updates of her little boy and I thought it was so cute. Because my journal writing always slow down when I am busy with the most impt things in life (ironic-because that’s what is most impt to write about) I will use this as my “journal/baby book” Sorry for copying you SarahJ

Ben at 2 months:

right after my 2 mo. appt--check out my cool band-aids for my battle wounds

You are 12 lbs 10 ounces and 24 inches long (75th percentile for both).

You were super tough with your shots and only cried for like 30 seconds and were smiling on the way home

You have been smiling since 5 weeks

You have beautiful dark blue eyes—we think they are going to stay blue for sure—it was touch and go there for a while

You seem recognize your mom and dad

You prefer to sleep on mom or dads chest at night (thanks to that stinking week o’ cold) but are working on the laying on back in a crib thingJ

You are sleeping for about a 5 hour chunk at night--a cold threw a kink in your sleep development at 5 weeks and you reverted back to newborn sleep habits so we are happy with 5 J. You wake up, eat, and then go back down for another 2-3 hours.

You like to swing in your swing

You love walks with BOB

You are a night owl- you are usually wide awake from 7pm until 11pm or 12 am when you finally go to bed.

You love love love the bath time and always have!

You had become quite the spitter-upper till we got new Rx for reflux and now we don’t smell like milk all the time

You are becoming quite chatty and social

You love all lights and will stare at them or bright pictures on walls forever!

You had your first trip to Disneyland and were a SUPER traveler also LOVED the beach and fell asleep to the sound of the waves

You already have a job and help mom work at grandpas office in baby bjorn for a few hours every day while on maternity leave from the hospital

You have been to church 4 times now and love hanging out with the YW on Wednesday nights :)