Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well the stolen signal we use and lovingly call "our internet" has not been working lately (Dang it "Trish"!) and I am way behind on blogging. So I came to my mom's to download some stuff and thought I would quickly post a "catch up" post:)

I am 31.5 weeks and my little man is BUSY! He is all over the place and I love it. Despite the fact that it occasionally hurts, makes restful sleeping hard, and makes me nauseous sometimes (just sometimes) I really do love it because when he doesn't move for a day or so--or at least I don't notice--then I cry:) haha--like last week. Poor Lance was getting ready for a microbio test he was anxious about and I for my appointment when he put his hand on my tummy and said "is he moving or resting." Little did he know his emotional wife would start crying right before he had to leave because I was worried that he was too still:) but I went to my appointment and my 3.5 lb little boy is doing well and since then its been pay back because he kicks me and sommersaults constantly! Lance said that its him telling me "Mom-im fine-chill out" probably so--just want him here safe and sound!

Took advantage of our last halloween for a while without costumes and trick-or-treating by just laying low:) Made some yummy soup and watched TV--we didnt even get one trick-or-treater on our street so I am stuck with the candy:) I was proud of myself for wearing an orange sweater and black pants to work (not a typical combo for me:). Then I got even more festive when a nurse and patient had the idea to make Ben a jack-o-lantern for his first Halloween. This will probably be the one and only bump documented so enjoy:) its large but fun to be getting bigger (just wish it was only my tummy and not my face!) oh well--he's worth it!

Last Weds my mom, Cait and I were quite festive with our Halloween Dinner for the boys while Beck was at her Young Women in Excellence program. Together we made mummy dogs, apple mouths, cheesy brains, and spider cupcakes. The boys humored us and had fun I think--Luke especially liked frosting and decorating the spiders (eating the frosting:)

Anyways--not much else is new. Luke and Paigey (my cute nephew and niece) both turned one this last month which is crazy how fast they grow! I cant believe I will have one of my own next mo. maybe?! Still working about 4x/week which is perfect and Lance is aceing his Microbiology class like I knew he would! We are working on painting the nursery, mom is lovingly making the bedding and the glider is being delivered on thursday. Much to Lance's confusion, with 8 weeks still to go, I got bored last week and already washed, folded and put away all his 0-6 mo. clothes in his drawers (Thanks Parker's for the hand-me-downs--Ben is set with all your cute clothes!) and Rach and Beck hooked me up with all my maternity clothes too--it pays to be the third!

Anyways, the hunt is still on for the perfect stroller, and perfect car seat and then we will be set. I would love any and all suggestions/recommendations please!