Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Lance and Ian became Cougar Alumni last weekend. Well--they both actually graduated in December but because he loves his mother, he and Ian walked in BYU's April Commencement. It was so fun to celebrate all of their hard work and even more fun to have Paul and Debra here to visit for a few days. 

Monday, April 21, 2008

Halle Christine Hall

Tara had her baby early! She was born yesterday morning! For those who dont know my really good friends Tara and Mike, they got married last June and Tara got pregnant within 10 days before Mike left for 9 monthes to play pro-basketball for Kapfenburg Bulls in Austria. He was not supposed to be back till after play-offs in May but his coach let him come home for the baby--but he would need to head back Sat for play-offs. Halle's early arrival was perfect timing because it gives Mike time with his girls before heading back to Austria for a few weeks.

She is perfect and beautiful! I was so excited to meet her and I already cant wait to see her again tonight! Finals could not have been at a more inconvenient time. Per Tara-she has her daddy's nose and her mom's eyes and lips! She has tons of dark hair and cant tell how dark her complexion is yet--she is so sweet--and snorty!

Tara had her shower Saturday--perfect timing! here are some pics of some personalized onsies I made her!

note: except for the top two, its front and back--the bottom one is her "jersey"
to wear to cheer on her daddy!

Long Beach or bust!

Last weekend, almost my whole class went to the American Occupational Therapy Association Conference in Long Beach. My department paid for our conference fees so we could not pass up the opportunity--and they wanted us to go and we didnt want to seem slacker-ish! So on Wednesday, my friend Amber and I loaded in her car after class and hit the road. Unfortunately, Amber was way sick and sure made road trip eating not as fun. We drove to Vegas that night and went shopping and to dinner with Rachel and Anna. Which, in my opinion, was my favorite part!

Thursday morning we gave ourselves exactly 4 hours for the 4 1/2 hour drive to the Convention Center for the 4:00 start time for Opening Ceremonies at which we were all supposed to sit together with our faculty..oops. So Amber was good to drive fast and it was my assignment to check for coppers. Shortly, we were driving through Primm and could not resist because it is way easier to buy things on vacation. Stopped at Primm for what was going to be a 10 minute spree...quickly turned into 45min and we were on the road again. We still, surprisingly, made it to Long Beach Convention Center at 4:15--we missed our faculty doing the Conga Line but were promptly in our seats before the presentation began. (unfortunately we parked in 20 minutes parking, that was labeled 2 hour--but she "should have known it was a loading zone" so we got a $60 ticket! ugh!) For opening ceremony the keynote speaker was awesome! His name was Warren McDonald and I would highly reccommend his two books just from hearing him talk. He has double above knee amputations and In February 2003, was the first with that limitation to reach the summit of Africa’s tallest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro (19,222ft), and more recently, created history once again in an ascent of America's tallest cliff face, El Capitan. Amazing story of will and great speaker/writer/story teller.

After opening ceremony we had some time to wander the Expo booths (great places to get free OT goods & treats) and check into Dolphin's Cover (Thanks Dad for your timeshare hook-ups) and make it back in time for the student mixer! wahoo! was as fun as it sounds and we mixed, watched some classmates learn a dance, took some pics, and made our way back to the condo.

Friday all day we had class from 9-5, listened to Elenor Clark Slage Lecture (once again--as exciting as it sounds-however is a huge honor in the OT world) and then ate dinner and headed back to condo to swim with friends.

Saturday we went for one class in am and headed back to vegas for more Anna and Rachel bonding time! I love those girls to pieces and live for bonding time with my nieces & nephews!

Sunday headed back to see our husbands who we missed dearly and had some entertaining car convos! All-in-all fun times but was so good to get back to studying and finals prep! gotta love grad school!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Guess who's back, back again? Britt is back. Tell your friends!

I decided right now--1 hour & 28 minutes into my last, 4-hour class today--was the perfect time to end my blog fast. It is not at all that I have not had anything fun and exciting to blog about since February 22 (last post), I just have not made the time. The lack of internet at home also puts a damper on the blogging; however, my second home here at U of U has fast, yet tempermental, high-speed wireless which adds some entertainment and productivity to my classes.

( I loved Anna's post-nap hair do so I had to capture it on film--what i look like is just as entertaining--ugh!)

For the first 2 1/2 weeks in March, I got to go to Las Vegas for an internship at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital. Rach and Mike were kind enough to provide room and board, not to mention endless entertainment with my Anna. I had so much fun getting to know her all over again! It didnt take her long to warm up--I think she remembers me as her bosom buddy from the first 10 months of her life. We bonded on walks/runs, dumping rocks down the holes in the curb drains (probably not the best idea), reading every book x100, feeding ducks, shopping, "cruisin the dunes", playing with balls and bubbles, etc. I love her to death and think she is the cutest little girl every. My internship was ok too, made the crazy project below for my CI.

(Anna loving her 'Yards on the way to AZ!)

After my fieldwork, my sweet husband (who I missed dearly those two weeks) flew out to Vegas and we drove down to Scottsdale with the Uffen's to crash my parents romantic Baseball Spring Training getaway. They were gracious to let us come and we had a blast. Caught 3 M's games and are looking forward to the season. Thanks Mom and Dad!
After that adventure, I just returned to school--all day everyday-- and work on the weekend (I know you are all jealous ...haha)

G&D-dawg with Lance & I on the berm at Mariner's Spring field

grandma and anna reading 'yards at the baseball game

lance and mike before the game

anna and I--she loved my glasses!

my lancer and I at a Mariners vs. Brewers game!