Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Pictures:)

My sisters are all SOOO unique and SOOO talented in so many ways. I am so lucky to learn and benefit from their talents all the time. ONE of Rach's many talents is her love of photography. Can you believe she doesn't charge--yet?! She took these for us in August (i know, i know, im way late in posting) and because of naps, timing, etc. it was soo bright out and she was worried about lighting but I absolutely LOVE all of them!! She did a great job and Ben's getting so big I wont be able to use them as my header's forever so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all :)

he really is THIS cute all the time! oh how I love him:)

Not great to look at these in February--with snow outside, I am missing that August tan:)

kinda a goofy smile but cute nonetheless:)
LOVE this one!

Thanks Rach!! I love them! Wanting new family pics is one of the MILLION reasons I wish we lived closer!! Maybe you'll have your camera in Hawaii?!
...especially because we will need some pics of Quinn at Hapuna!

Monday, January 3, 2011


**Disclaimer: This has been drafted since the 7th but looking through, editing, narrowing down,
and uploading a bunch of pics was a daunting task so I avoided it. The time has come that I cant
postpone the post any longer or it will be like it didn't happen:) so I skipped the editing and
narrowing down for that matter so enjoy the red-eye, flip book ahead:) Gotta love me:)

UNBELIEVABLE! My BABY is ONE! Ben had a fantastic birthday filled with lots of family, friends, food and fun. He is most definitely the light of our life and every new trick-or old trick for that matter-makes our day! Lance and I took advantage of him only being 1 and having NO IDEA about presents and considered being home for the holidays/birthday as his Christmas/Birthday presents. Lame I know! but Ben was SPOILED nonetheless by family and friends and spoiled with love by all!

Grandma B planned an early celebration with the Royal City crew when we were there between Christmas and New Years. Yummy cupcakes, fun presents, & loved ones, it was a blast and definitely prepped Ben for treats, presents, and a LOT of attention on his big day.

The theme: A big decision for the big #1 but an easy one for Ben. Ben LOVES his Monkey Face. He has loved his stuffed monkey for months and is instantly happy when he sees him. He brings him everywhere and can be totally entertained by him in the car-even during our cross-country move. So coming up with a theme he would love for his big #1 was easy...MONKEYS.

I couldn't narrow down so heres a montage--needed to use my new iLIFE '11--enjoy:) I know its long sorry-- and to make it worse it has awesome "Monkey" music to it including "Hey Hey We're the Monkeys", "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed", Chimpanzee noises, etc. and the audio doesn't work...ugh...too big to just upload to Blogger and YouTube took music out..Lame! So its almost 9 silent minutes but at least he is cute:)...working on the sound but until then--

Ben at 12 months:

• At 12 months you weigh 21 pounds & are 29 inches long. You used to be in the 70-90% for height and 50% for weight—until we moved to KY and now you are suddenly 10% for weight and 25% for height…weird. I cant say that I haven’t started feeding you more and trying to keep track of your calories but that just stresses me out more so I am not going to worry so much about it unless your doctor tells me too. I think you are perfect—and with the size of your paws, I am NOT worried about you having small man’s syndrome:)

• You wear 12-18 month clothes—sometimes 18-24mo.--and a size 4 shoe.

• you have 6 teeth- 4 on top & 2 on bottom and you love love love to brush them!

• You have never been a fantastic sleeper but I don’t help you out much by always traveling with you just when you are improving and dad working at night means I RARELY make you cry—so it’s my fault. You WERE sleeping 11 hours a night until we went home for holidays and now you are working your way back. You now sleep about 9 (not bad :) and take 2-1 ½ hr naps. I tried to switch to one nap, thinking you would sleep longer—didn’t work!

• You are extremely curious but cautious. You love to climb stairs at your friends house but because we don’t have a flight you are still practicing being safe going down them :). You love to be chased & to chase us, be tickled, play peek-a-boo behind towels blankets or pillows, wrestle with daddy, play with monkey face, push anything and everything around like a push toy, explore the laundry room/pantry, look out storm door window... basically be a little boy!

• You also have a sweet side and love to give mom BIG hugs and kisses—in fact you have dabbled in blowing kisses but only do it on special occasions

• You are recently a fan of a few shows. You like to dance with the Backyardigans and are an Elmo fan.

• You got a new carseat for your birthday from Gma & Gpa Shaw--you LOVE it!!

• You aren’t saying anything really intelligible yet-except for dad and an occasional mama but-when you need to- you can sign more, all done, & please. You also can wave hello and bye.

• You love to click your tongue and pop/smack your lips—in fact, when other do this to you it always gets a smile

• This month you started making a car sound and "driving" your cars, trucks, & tractors around—so cute that that is innate in boys because Im pretty sure I didn’t model that a ton for you. You also love to bang on things like drums--loud and with a silly face:)

•You love to dance and have some pretty rad moves every time you hear music and occasionally on cue

• You learned how to put cellphones (or remotes or phone chargers or anything that shape...) to your ear and babbling—so cute—its actually more behind your ear like Gpa Gar’s BAHA :)

• You love to play in the cupboards, drawers, make-up bag, etc and take everything out and are actually AMAZINGLY good and putting it all back. All mom has to do is start singing the “clean up” song and you help put everything away.

• You have the strength and skill to stand alone and maybe even take steps but you are sooo cautious. You will reach as far and wide as you possibly can before you even consider moving your feet. Walking is close though—I can feel it :)

• You are so social and love to be around other people but when you play with your friends you are the youngest and are very observant. Sometimes you just watch them play quietly.

• You are getting so smart and seem to have learned a ton this month! You are recognizing what objects are and will follow instructions when you understand.

• You are SOO obedient and amaze us daily when you stop playing or going after something intriguing right when mom or dad say "no-no" or dad gives you “the look” (with the computer however it takes multiple no’s to convince you its not a toy)

Happy 12 months Ben