Friday, February 26, 2010

My smiley boy!

Ben started smiling at 5 weeks and it took A LOT of work to get his sweet smile but now they are much more frequent and goofy. It is so fun! He is quick to smile and chat with family & friends and loves to "run", sit, and stand--with help of course.
Here are some smiles from last few weeks:)

5 weeks

running and playing "so big" with grandma

6 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks

and after all those smiles heres a mean-mug
(he has definitely inherited his daddy's straight face which can occasionally be mistaken as pissed off-but really its not--i love you babe!)

Yes, we were intentionally matching--its addicting once you start
and Beck is the only one who understands:)

We got more bounce in California:)

Courtesy of my parents for Christmas, Ben (along with all of his cousins--and, in turn, their parents:) got a trip to California! What a lucky boy! :) I always stress packing, and take over-packing to the HNL (little joke for In Living Color fans-haha) and it was even more stressful to now have to pack for Ben too! We loaded up this suitcase-nevermind having to re-allocate at airport to avoid being over 50#) and am proud to say didn't want for anything while we were there!
The stack of diapers in the picture is only for like 1-2 days-just planned on buying a pack there vs. pack enough for the constant party in this little guys pants:)
Ben and I were all packed and ready when lance got home from work early to head to the airport--I think that he was super proud and surprised by this! Ben wore his special airplane beanie for his first plane ride (nephew cole wore that 7 1/2 years ago at the same age when he flew to Kirtland to surprise Aunt Rach) and was a total angel!
He took a bottle like a champ on first plane during take off even though not hungry to avoid ear popping:) he slept whole 1st flight and then just chilled super happy on the 2nd flight. He is seriously so mellow and chill--I am so lucky to have such an easy-going, happy little guy-knock on wood!:)
We had a wonderful time, all 15 of us! We spent 5 days at Disneyland/California Adventure! Even Ben hit up a few rides including Its a Small World 2x, "Bugs Land" box balloon one, Jungle cruise, etc.
Right when we got there, Cole had map in hand and he and Lance were planning out our course...Thank heavens for our investment in an awesome stroller-BOB joined us at Disneyland and he and Ben spent a lot of quality time together. Ben was a super trooper just chilling the whole time!
Jungle cruise with Paige and Rach
Its a Small World- a family favorite-with Caity Cat
dont mind my double chin and oversized cheeks-they were not invited on the trip but came anyway
Lance and Mike humoring us on Small World. Turned out to be a nice cool indoor ride to escape the heat. We actually had BEAUTIFUL warm-bordering hot at times-weather for the whole week. It stopped raining the day before we came and started the day we left.
My eyes are closed but had to post classic pic in front of castle anyways..
grandma and Ben in swaddling clothes to keep my mini lance from burning:)
Lance and Luke after the Jungle Cruise
Rach and I waited in line for kids to meet Aurora...
and Jasmine

brooke, mom, and I
Brooke and Benny playing during lunch

Aunt Rach and Ben bonding while Cole and Dane attended Jedi Training Academy
Grandma and Ben during Parade

Ben sporting his swim shorts:) --actually opted out of the dirty hotel pool for him but was worth the photo op anyway..
Ben on his 6-Week "birthday" :) Kind of a silly face but still cute...ready for church on Valentines.

Changed into his Handsome Devil shirt for Valentines after church
and had a picnic on the beach. Just a few of Ben's many faces...
So sad we didnt get a pic with girls in their valentines sweatsuits--but here are the boys in their shirts.
With My Valentines at Newport Beach

Grandma and Grandpa walking on the beach--so cute:)

Ben getting ready for Bugs Life 3D movie--we covered his ears the whole time so he could retain his hearing:)

all cuddled up--i mean it--he was an angel the WHOLE time:)
Aunt Beck had the clever idea of getting Ben's ears at Build a Bear when we discovered the parks smallest pair fit the 1 year olds. Ben loved his ears and was all smiles...The hat even lit up hence the hanging battery pack...It kind of resembled a yarmulke but fit better than the bigger ones:)

Beck, Brooke, and Lancer on a ride...dont know which one..
Cole and Lance getting on ride
Us with boys on Indiana Jones-Dane was stoked to have cleared the measuring stick
Lance, Me, Beck, Brooke, and Dad in back row of Tower of Terror

Ben trying out changing tables in Mothers lounge of CA adventure:) Even had little nursing stalls--was wonderful:)

Another day at Newport:) Had to invest in little hat for my baby because I forgot his at home ( I take back what I said earlier--did forget the hat!) but was worth it so we could stroll the beach vs. keep him in carseat and shade...he loved it!

Ben and I on Ferris Wheel:)
In sleeping Beauty's castle with Anna
On Bugs Life box balloon ride with cole

Leaving Disneyland-walking back to Hotel
Last day playing at Balboa. we rented Surrey bikes to ride and played on swings and had picnic in grass..Ben was a happy boy but hid his smiles from the camera:)

With Mickey at Mickey Mouse Breakfast Spectacular the morning we left. Notice the Parkers supporting their Dawgs that were playing UCLA that day--die hards! Seriously--breakfast was spectacular! mickey shaped pancakes and waffles, peanut butter-chocolate-french toast, omelette bar, parfait bar, need i say more? Thanks mom & dad!

It was an absolutely wonderful trip mom & dad! thanks so much for the fun and memories! Unforgettable!

can check out beck and rach's blogs or brookes facebook for more pics:)