Sunday, March 18, 2012


Despite some recent events we still bleed Cougar blue and are true to our Alma Mater (during basketball season at least:) JK!!

We were so excited when the Cougs had an AWESOME comeback vs. IONA and came to Louisville for Round 2 of the NCAA tourny--until we looked at ticket prices!! We have a super close friend that coaches for BYU that was trying to scrounge up a deal for us when I got a call from BC saying her boss gave her 4 tickets in a suite for the BYU game and did we wanna go--OF COURSE!! we were super excited, especially because LB was on spring break and didn't have class!

Ben immediately wondered if Cosmo was going to be there (he remembered him from Uncle Jake's football games last year) and was super excited to check it out!!

The SUITE was SWEEEET! The Yum Center is an amazing arena and we were so excited to experience it all from some comfy leather seats:) we loved it! Ben loved it! Cosmo was there! and despite the loss, the Cougs came back from half with a much more exciting 2nd half and got within 8--soo close! We were sad we didnt get to visit with Mike but was fun to watch him in action and see him from afar! We miss the Hall's!!