Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dane and Brother Ben!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

HAPPY 2 WEEKS to my baby!

We love you Ben!
It's been the fastest and longest 2 weeks of my life:)

Day 11-18!

ahhh! so "our internet" hasn't been working and while i have slacked on posting--the photo-taking has not slowed:) so here is a glimpse into our last week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Allegra posted a sneak peek of Ben's photo shoot on Saturday on her photo blog: http://allegrageorgephotography.blogspot.com/. Check them out--they are darling if I do say so myself!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 9 with our Benners :)

slightly startled by the flash :)
my sweet bennerman

thanks for my sweet onsie aunt boop

bonding with grandma

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 8

Sunday-Day 8:
Today was a blissfully lazy day. When Lance went to church, Ben and I just relaxed and wrote TY notes/journal while watching a movie. We ate a yummy dinner after church then celebrated with a 1 Week birthday cake the hospital gave us:) it was a little dry after a week but was good for a picture:) We love you Ben and cant imagine our lives without you! You have made us so happy and we are in constant awe that you are ours for eternity! Heres to many more days and weeks and years with you!...

Don't mind the gang signs--he's always throwing those up when we take pics:)

Day 7

Ben had professional pics taken today by Allegra George. He was not the most cooperative after a long night. It is now clear he is not a fan of being naked and alone or posed. Beck and my mom came for a bit to help Lance and I with multiple opinions. I think they will turn out awesome no matter what, but he was not having some of the poses we had in mind:) and would NOT get all sleepy and gumby-like--until she left of course, then he was SOUND asleep all day and we were able to put him in all the poses we had tried earlier--little stinker! Needless to say the pictures were somewhat traumatic for him (haha-not really that bad) so we didn't take many the rest of the day!

Lance took this one--turns out mom was kinda sleepy too!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 & 6

Thurs-Day 5:
I've totally set myself up to fail with daily posts but this little guy changes so much that i just have to post updates. Perhaps when "life" resumes back to work and church etc. the pictures will slow down but i hope not:) he is too cute to go unphotgraphed:) enjoy!

Ben had his first appointment on thursday and passed all their little tests etc. with flying colors. with help from grandpa's head rub--he slept almost the rest of the day:) Apparently the outing, and crying for 5 min in the cold exam room in just his diaper wore him out!

Friday-Day 6:
In effort to not totally submerge his little belly button, we settled for a half-bath in the sink. He was not sure how he felt about the bath part but loved the drying off. We used hair dryer on low to make sure belly button was totally dry so that stinkin cord will fall off and he LOVED it! I love the talk to the hand one--he's very private:)

after his bath he got all dressed up in one of his smallest outfits (Hard to believe cole wore that home from hospital 7 1/2 years ago!) and looked so cute. had to capture his standard pose as "a little teapot" when sound asleep and one of his favorite places to nap-by the fire:) (dont worry, we never leave him too long as to not bake our little guy)


Happy 22nd Bday Cait! You are beautiful and kind and so fun to spend time with. You are so funny and smart! We love living close and all the time we get to spend together. We love you to the moon and back and are so proud of you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

day 4

Day 4 was fairly relaxed. We hung out around the house. Said hi and cuddled with grandma, grandpa and Cait. Ate, slept, changed diapers, and thats about it. Had a yummy dinner from grandma:) It was a good day and we love our little man more and more. Can't imagine our lives without him already.

I am sorry for the excess of pictures but I am terrible at narrowing them down and loved ones who aren't here have asked nicely so bear with me:) Still have Thanks to post and labor story and some videos but otherwise are now caught up and I'm off to bed:) Daddy is back to work at midnight tonight and we miss him already--but are glad he is home during the day with us!!

day 3

Getting ready to go home-- All 3 of us had a pretty good night and were up Tuesday at 7 anxious to get HOME and see family that had been waiting anxiously since Sunday for a better introduction/bonding time with our little man:) With new H1N1 visitor policy, on admit i had to choose ONLY 2 people (including Lancer) that could be in room and hold baby etc the WHOLE time we were there--Lance and my mom got the lucky "VIP support person" bands but it was so hard to have other grandparents and sisters and cousins waiting to meet our little guy and not be able to see him. Lance and I are very much rule followers but were ok with a little stretching for both sets of grandparents to sneak in one and a time and for brooke to come meet him because he made his grand arrival just hours before she left back to utah for winter semester. He just barely missed seeing Rach and Meg headed back to Vegas and Iowa on Thursday and Friday respectively after Christmas :(...

Later, when they wheeled Ben and I up to recovery room, Cait, Beck, Cole, Dane, Luke, Brooke, & Grandmas and Grandpas, were all waiting in foyer by elevator and got to say a quick hello. Lance, Ben and I feel so lucky to have all the support and love that we do and love having visitors since we've been home!!

Sorry for the day 1 tangent--labor story will have to be later:) Back to day 3..we got all ready to come home but no one mentioned that I may need a premie outfit to come home in--never do know what they are gonna weight--but our, now 7 lb, little man was DROWNING in his 0-3 mo. little sweatsuit and hat I had so lovingly selected:) haha. It was really GINORMOUS! but he looked so handsome anyways and waited much more patiently and sweetly than his anxious parents for all the paperwork and everything prior to discharging from the hospital.


My mom had the sheets on our bed washed and remade (preview to labor story: my water broke at night:), dishes loaded in sink and some groceries and flowers waiting for us. (THANKS MOM!--stay tuned for more articulate and well deserved ode to my husband and ode to my mom and family for all that they have done!! They have all been incredible!)

Grandma and Grandpa Bergeson drove over the snowy pass when they heard Ben was finally on his way and were at the hospital shortly after he arrived. Because of the visitor policy their quick 2 minute sneak peek had to hold them over till Tuesday but they waited patiently till Tuesday at Debra's sister's house and were waiting at our house when we got home for a few hours to meet their newest grandson before having to drive back over the pass for prior commitment that night. Thanks so much for waiting and for all the gifts you brought for Ben's BIRTHday:)

My sisters that were still in town were anxious to hold Ben and came over Tuesday night. Beck brought over some super yummy soup and breadsticks for us and Beckie and her boys got to hold Ben for the first time. Ben loved the attention!

Ben and Grandma Neecy have been buddies since his first breath (and before:) I just didn't do a great job capturing pics of her holding him--i was kinda distracted:) Brooke has some on her camera from their first meeting in the delivery room. Grandpa Gar somehow has bonded with him a few times without a picture :( but we will get one soon!!! other than that these capture all his visitors:) I have told him all about his aunts and uncles, etc. that he hasnt met yet and he cant wait:) He loves his family and knows he is lucky, as do we, for all their love!

Day 3 was a long one but we love showing him off:)--finished up watching a little football with his daddy!