Sunday, February 20, 2011

My baby boy is WALKING:)

Its been over month that Ben has been taking 1-5 steps. He COULD walk as far as strength, tone, skill, but he chose not to. He was just super cautious and felt safer crawling. Its been so fun watching him get more brave and feel so proud of himself. Finally today he decided he was going to walk, and he did. He is not super sturdy but improving every step he takes and he is usually cheesing it and gets so excited when he stops or falls:) Oh how I LOVE my little boy!

Sorry the video is not flipped! When I turn it in iMovie or OTM it makes the quality even worse than it already is on blogger because it has to be so small! Oh well--still cute:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cait in KY

For 10-too quick-days this month, we had a long awaited fun visit from Aunt Caity Cat--formally known as my younger sister Cait :). We were all thrilled to have her here and had a lot of fun. We swam and worked out at the Y almost everyday, had a fun "girls night"at Jocelyn's, made all sorts of yummy treats, experimented on some new yummy meals, had a Bachelor Party at my house, fell sick with Bieber fever while watching Never Say Never:)--oh you better belieb I'm now a fan of the bieb:), went shopping, watched Beezus & Ramona, went to the pet store, and had so much fun just hanging out together. Cait is the best and loves with all her heart-I admire that so much about her. She adores Ben and tries to show him her love constantly. She is fun--and always lightens the mood with a good joke:) I love you Cait--to the moon & back-- and cant wait to play again in Hawaii in May! Thanks for coming to see us!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy (late) 13 months Ben!!

Ben at 13 months:

Its been a little bit of a rough month buddy--I'm not gonna lie. This 1 yr old thing is rough for a little guy:) At one time or another you have been struggling with not sleeping, OR not eating, OR not walking, OR phantom teeth that I'm certain are the source of your eating, sleeping drama, etc. or all of the above at once. You seriously NEVER cry and are the sweetest baby EVER but you have whined more than we are used to this month:) Its a good thing that the MAJORITY of the time, you are sweet and silly and SO MUCH of fun!

• You are social, you love people and love to play with your friends. Sometimes you sit back and are observant and other times you play and are silly.

• You had your 1st bloody nose, fat lip, bloody/bitten tongue, black eye, etc.--not all at once (You are BUSY and ready to move:)) poor guy!

• You do NOT love whole milk, or chocolate milk , or strawberry milk, or Pediasure, or any kind of Juice, or anything other than WATER which is a HUGE stressor for your mom because water doesn’t have any calories or fat or protein, etc.

• You also are not hungry anymore. You have ALWAYS eaten ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! But not any more! You go up and down, devouring something one day than refusing it the next, loving Lakai’s PB&J but not even thinking about eating one at home, and seriously eating 1-2 bites of next to nothing!! Another HUGE stressor for your dear mom—but I forgive you after every meal and every snack because I LOVE YOU and at least you are happy! :)

• You say mum & mama, da-dad & dad, ball(sign & say), cheese, more (sign & say), no-no-no, oh-wow, please (sign), moo (that’s all I can think of right now)

• You are just barely recovering from your stinky sleeping patterns at your 12 mo. mark and now you sleep 10-11 hours a night and take two 1 ½ hour naps (on average)

• You wave hello/goodbye and blow VERY juicy kisses

• You QUICKLY climb up stairs and safely come down the stairs backwards—responding quickly and sweetly to “feet first” or “knees please” prompts going down stairs and getting off couch, bed, etc.

• You attempt to blow on hot food—more like sniffing though--its super cute:)

• You have lately started this “stink eye” dirty look that you make FREQUENTLY—its hilarious. You make it when looking at other people, strange things, when you are concentrating, or bugged with m&d. I have yet to get it on camera…stay tuned, Im determined!

• You love to drive your cars, tractors, & trains around making “vroom” sounds

•You still willingly match mom DAILY--sometimes we coordinate and other times we could go to a tolo :). Annoying to your dad, and silly to others, but you are my FAVORITE accessory and we are ALWAYS ready for a picture:)

•You are a great helper/cleaner. You love to wipe your tray down after I wash your hands and face. You often pull washcloths/dish towels out of the drawer in the kitchen and "mop" the floor for mom. My little Mr. Cinderella:)

• You do like suckers--they are a mess but have proven to be an excellent "reverent" snacks during the 2nd & 3rd hour of church because you just cuddle up in my lap and suck on it quietly untill its gone, rarely even taking it out of your mouth--well its worked 2x--knock on wood:).

i LOVE you! Heres to full tummy's during month 14:) and less long nights & gray hairs for your mama!

You gain weight and Ill lose it k?!