Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 years--Happy Anniversary to us!

Just a public acknowledgment that I am the luckiest!

Then: June 25, 2005

Now: some recent pics from spring '09

I love you baby and can't imagine my life without you! you are my everything! I hope you know how much you are loved! Thanks for loving me and making me so happy!!
Happy 4th Anniversary!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Im bringing home a BABY bumblebee....

YAY! We are prego! I had my first ultrasound on Monday and it was so exciting! Lance and I decided that now that we have seen our little monster move and wave and heard the heartbeat that we could semi-safely announce it. I must admit, having worked in early intervention and with children with developmental delays, I was way nervous! But so far so good and our little guy is healthy thus far. 
We are due December 31st and cannot wait! 
Our little monster is seriously so cute already!!
a.k.a. Junior--as Lance/I affectionately call sh/im,
or iceBerg (according to my dad--weird i know--!?:) or baby bumbleB (my mom)

We found out about 6 weeks ago and it was super hard to keep such a fun secret!
Don't worry--pee stick in the picture is way further from our faces than it appears:) haha

WOW! Spring 09!

Wow-where have I been. There is usually two reasons why I don't post, either i am doing absolutely nothing or I am so busy have the time of my life with family and friends and this spring has definitely been the latter. In fact its been so long, slideshows are going to be my only option.

First slideshow will just be a general spring 09 slideshow--We have been to Royal a few different weekends for some fun bonding with the Bergeson's (Debra is especially fun to surprise--except we felt bad we caught her sick)--We have been loving our callings with the young men/young women and fun times living with my family. I finished my internship in March and started studying for my boards. I went to Utah for a review and to drive back with Boop after she finished her semester--we have super fun road trips together and I loved it! everyone knows i LOVE spending time with my nieces and nephews--especially when they are together in the same state. Rach and her girls spent a few weeks here this spring and we had SOO much fun! I love the bonding time with all my sisters in one place too! Even had a fun trip to the kangaroo farm north of Seattle--who would have thought?! Fun times at the cabin--also have gotten to watch some pretty intense Mariners, Rockstars (Cole's coach pitch), and Dino's (Dane's T-ball) games. Caity-cat also graduated from her community transition program--way to go CAIT!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my month "off".

At the end of April through the first week of May we had a wonderful trip to Hawaii with the whole Shaw family! It was so fun with all 15 of us. We got to see my dad's new condo he bought there last summer and are excited to visit it as often as possible. So many favorite spots at Hapuna, the volcano, malasadas at Tex Drive in, waterfalls at Kolekole, and Waikaloa but I think my all time favorite part of this trip was the dolphin swim. My parents were champs and chartered a boat for us with two professional divers--we went out into the ocean, found a pod of a couple hundred dolphins, and all got IN WITH them. It was so incredible!! The pictures don't do it justice but we were sooooo close to them all--especially lance who turned out to be like the dolphin whisperer--and they were everywhere! Anyways--no way to possibly include all the fun memories and all the fun pics and cant thank my parents enough for such a priceless adventure!

I couldn't narrow down the pictures so im going with the slideshow option again--enjoy!

Right after Hawaii we went to Utah for my graduation! I finally did it--graduated with my Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Utah (No worries-i still bleed blue:) Graduation and my Pinning Ceremony were wonderful cherries on top of a long 3 years (not that the school work was the equivalent to ice cream but the fun times and new life-long friends were super worth it:) we had a super yummy dinner at the ROOF (awesome!) afterwards. While in utah we also got to go the Annual Mother's Day Picnic with the Shaw family and got together with the whole Pitts crew as well! Such a fun, fast weekend.