Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Fun at Merwin...

We love our weekends at Merwin!!
The sun wasn't quite out this particular weekend,
but we had fun anyways.

Watching the boys play baseball:)...

just chillin' on the couch...

Helping dad build this awesome blazing inferno...

bundled up playing in our toy...

We love you Merwin! To many more weekends to come...

JUMP JUMP the Mac Dad will make ya JUMP JUMP

Benny at the Park..

We were able to watch a bunch of Cole and Dane's baseball games this season which was really fun and definitely one of the MANY perks to living close to family!--especially when the weather cooperated :) After Cole's last game we stayed and played at the park for Ben's first time in a playground swing--He was a fan:)

Anniversary Festivities

Left: The view of us
Right: Our view from in air

Lance has mentioned multiple times in the last few years that he has always wanted to try parasailing. We wanted to go on cruise but couldn't because I was prego. The day before our anniversary I surprised him with parasailing down at Ruston Way. It was so peaceful and so fun! The weather was perfect! We took our camera up with us and the guy on the boat took some from there. We would highly recommend Pacific Parasail :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am the LUCKIEST!
I am so grateful for this..

June 25, 2005

happy 5 years baby--i LOVE you!

We had so much fun celebrating our anniversary yesterday!
Pictures are being uploaded and narrowed down as we speak... stay tuned:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day to my Baby Daddy :)

Ben is a lucky lucky boy to have such an amazing daddy. This post is long overdue-but a public shout out to my Lancer. He is such an amazing man! He is so sweet with ben and has been since day 1. While we hate his graveyard work schedule for a lot of reasons--we love having him home all day with us! He is so kind and gentle with Ben and they LOVE to play together. He honors his priesthood and always magnifies his callings in the church. He is always willing to serve others and never views it as too inconvenient (despite it OFTEN being past his bedtime:). He is funny and can always make me laugh. He works so hard to provide for our family. He is prayerful in times of struggle and frustration. He loves me unconditionally. He always out eats me:) He is frugal--which often annoys me but I know it's responsible:) He likes to do fun, spontaneous things. He is smart! He can remember the most crazy facts ever. He always remembers a face that he has seen before. He has integrity and is very honest. I love him!
Happy 1st Father's Day babe!
From a VERY lucky mom, and VERY lucky wife!

Quick trip to Utah

My sister Brooke needed to have an elbow surgery in Park City at the beginning of June and so my mom, Cait, Brooke, & Jake were driving down to Utah. Lance and I still own our home in Springville had some things to get out of the house before trying to sell it, so Ben and I decided to hop in and go along for the ride
--the 28 hr. roundtrip ride:)

I was super nervous for the long road trip with my "anti- long rides in the car seat" baby but he continues to prove that he is the world's sweetest baby. He did not cry/whine for one second on the way down there--he was so sweet and happy. I literally logged the whole trip in my cell phone and he ate when hungry, slept when tired, and was otherwise happy. I am so grateful for my little man.

happy baby or not we were so happy to see this sign :)

While there, we, unfortunately, didn't take too many pictures. We got to see family, get our things from our Springville house, quickly walk through Taipan and Rod Works, eat at Cafe Rio, Art City Trolley, etc., Visit lots of close friends (still mad we didnt take pics with the Lezlie, Lanie, & Race Helm-Mike, Taby & Sawyer Pacheco-Amber & Luke Mann-and Mike, Tara, Halle & Swift Hall). We have so many close friends in Utah that we miss a ton-it was fun to see some of them.
Fortunately, we did get a pic with Ben's Great Grandma & Grandpa Shaw at their house in SLC. They were so sweet about changing their
plans so we could come visit with them.
Ben loved swimming in the pool every night
with grandma, mom, cait, boop, & jake:)

(all went well with Brooke's surgery and she was/is a super tough patient:)

The way back he did cry for 7 min total--but thats pretty understandable:)

My face became his favorite toy which kept us both entertained for hours :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We will have to wait till next season for peanuts and crackerjacks but Ben is a lucky boy and has been to many games already at his ripe age of 5 mos thanks to his VERY generous g&g for sharing their sweet season seats with us We have seen a few wins and quite a few losses but we still..


(he loves playing with grandpa's and aunt boop's hats)