Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring 2011-16 & 17 mos-ish:)

Lakai, Brady, & Ben enjoying a popsicle after running through sprinklers at the Lows while mom & dad were on a date--what fun babysitters!

chowing down on some watermelon with Lakai

suckers at Costco:)

As illustrated above...Ben is ALL about snacks these days and if it weren't for snacks he would not be thriving. He eats like a bird-a small one at that. He is surviving on chocolate milk, goldfish, veggie straws, dum dums, fruit snacks, yogurt, ice pops, and an occasional bite of REAL food:)

One day after a walk at Cherokee Park, we stripped them down to their diaps and let them run in the fountains:) Lakai and Ben were in HEAVEN!

Since Lance's hip surgery, ALL of my friends have been so awesome with offering to watch Ben for me while I work on Mondays and Fridays. He would be so happy playing at all of their houses and I feel so lucky to have so many people that I know I could leave him with anytime. I end up bugging Shanah the most because Ben and Lakai are on the same schedule entirely, eat all the same snacks, walk and play at park almost every am together, live super close so i dont have to wake up early or take a 2 hour lunch to come get him and put him down at home:), watch all the same shows, and are BFF:) they get so excited to see each other some are some pics from their PJ parties:)

watching shows...

Ben and most of his buddies at the Zoo last week...

Ben loves yogurt--but only when he gets to feed himself=MESSY!!
one of his favorite hobbies is using the keys to "lock" all the screws in the door:)
getting haircut #2 from daddy- such a GOOD BOY!

Ben's first time bowling--he was a big fan:)
and I was able to blame my bad score on bowling with him in tow:)

Ben loves mowing the lawn with dad--and with mom now:)

hanging out at the splash park at the zoo

at the nature center

swinging at Joe Creason

Emily came to visit us this month. She is a rockstar and was participating the Christopher Reeves Relay as part of the Derby Marathon. We had fun doing some of the touristy Louisville stuff with her and Ben and I got to go cheer her on during her leg of the relay!

Batter up:)

posing inside with Ken--but other than stance and uni it looked nothing like him:)
in front of slugger museum with bottom of GIANT bat:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hawaii (& 16 mos)

Well, G & D did it again! They took us on a WONDERFUL, FABULOUS, and RELAXING trip to Hawaii the first week of May. This was trip #2 for Ben to Hawaii and we knew he would love it but had no idea how much he really would LOVE the beach, water, pools, and time with family. While Ben was adjusting to a 6 hr. time difference, getting 2 molars and a lateral incisor, having late nights, longs days in the water, and lots of attention and love,
we could not wipe a smile off his face:)

I had the crazy task of narrowing down over 800 pictures from our trip to post so I had to limit them to mostly Ben pics...There were tons of darling pics of everyone which Im sure you can see some of on Brooke's & Beck's blogs:)

The day of flying is quite a bit longer from
KY than it was from WA last year but BEN was a trooper!
don't get me wrong-I'm not complaining!

He happily enjoyed watching the planes during layovers...

...watching Sesame Street on mom's phone...

...reading books...

...watching a plethora of shows on portable DVD player...
(Thanks Brady for sharing your prized possession!)

after 10+ hours of flying and even more hrs in airports we arrived at 4:30 Hawaii time (10:30 in KY) and Ben was still going strong (after only one 1hr nap all day!). We ate a yummy sunday dinner with the family and Ben stayed up till 8 (2 AM in KY) playing with family and that was that--the dreaded transition to the time change was a breeze!--he slept most of the night and was on Hawaii time day 1--way to go Ben!!

First things first--we hit the pool.

BEN loved it!
He loved the fountains especially
and would put his face right in them...

...Playing on the slide with cousins...

After dinner at Bubba Gump's that night Ben decided he couldn't wait another day to get in the ocean and what started as a toe dip turned into a full on swim (these pics are after we took off all of his sopping wet clothes)! He loved it and as each wave hit him he would say "wow" or "whoa":)

Ben loved all the pools but the splash pad at the King's Land pool was a favorite for sure...

playing in the rock faux beach at King's Land...

Beck introduced us to a fun game called Bean Boozled...gross...but fun! :)

Ben pulling boogie board at Hapuna...

Playing with Grandma in the showers at their pool....

Ben rockin' his sweet hawaiian shirt he got from Aunt Tara for Christmas :) Im sad I didn't get more of a "hawaiian" pic in it...picture him sitting by this...

on a walk with the cousins..who needs a "dualie" :)

posing with the statues at the Hilton Waikaloa

Cole feeding the turtles plumeria petals...

they liked them:)

Ben and Luke watching the dolphins at the Hilton

Gotta love those hawaiian sunsets
...this one lacked color but was BEAUTIFUL nonetheless:)

the hike to the black sand beach was BEAUTIFUL was quite the hike... but worth it!

...Lance and Ben halfway down...

...some of the boys playing in the surf...

...ben spent much of his time at this beach collecting large black lava rocks for Grandma, bringing them to her one by one...he often plays in the rocks in our front yard too...a future geologist?...

G&D enjoying the view:) love them!

...posing with my bennerman...

So proud of Cait deciding to do the hike with us.
It was really hard but she DID IT! and she did awesome! and my dad, the captain:)...

...Ben, Me & my mama :)...

boop and I--gotta have a self portrait:)

...somehow missed a pic with the Parkers so here is one of them...

...the fam...

...some sisters with our dad....some sisters with our mom...missing Rach:(

...the boy cousins:)...a shot of ONE of the hike's switchbacks...Beck carried a sick and sleeping Luke ALL the way down and ALL the back up!

...posing at top after..taking in the view!...WAY TO GO CAIT!!...

Another day at the pool, Ben couldn't get enough of the fountains
...and I couldn't take enough was too dang cute:)

My little sharka:)

The Backyardigans, Thomas, Elmo & Baby Signing Times
joined us in hawaii every morning as well:)

Ben and Luke hanging out. All the boys were SOOO cute with Ben! They just wanted to "see him" and play with him all the time and I loved it!!-Ben loved it!! Now we just cant wait to bond all together with the girls in June :)

Watching the sunset with my little buddy:) One day Lance called Ben "buddy" and Luke, in all seriousness, quickly corrected him-- "No, its Benny, not buddy"
haha...silly Lance didn't know his name!:)

...loving on my Parker nephews:) ...

the boys golfing The Waikaloa Beach Course

There was a perfect little putting green right in the back yard of the condo so the little boys seriously played out there everyday!

at Mac Grill with Coley
...Ben loving some lemons...definitely his father's son:)...

...tub time with Huey...

My boys :)

...Beck & I with our babies at Hapuna:)...

Ben loved his Boogie Board rides:)

...and even try to pull it himself a time or two:)...

G & D proved to be quite the sand artists with the boys:)
Meanwhile, Ben was raking the whole beach:)

..Ben loved just feeling the sand...
& cuddling with grandma under the umbrella
while waiting for the rain to pass :( ugh....

Ben LOVED himself a Lava Flow
...seriously only got like 3 sips total each
time Grandpa bought him one:)

More playing on the slides:) opted to post pics for memories
rather than worry about only posting flattering pics or else the
pics of all of us would have been very few!...sorry!

Ben gnawing on some watermelon rind and Beck and her gecko friend
..these things are EVERYWHERE but they are quick...
Beck's cat-like reflexes came in handy!
She is definitely the mother of 3 lucky boys:)

Last night at our favorite: Tommy Bahama's :) YUM! thanks mom and dad!
after we ate we got to watch a real live break dance battle!
it was fun and Ben for real got into it and was clapping and dancing along:)
Dane-o informed us that had the music been right and the crowd been bigger
he would have joined in with some sick poses :)

The last morning, Lance Beck & I made a yummy Mothers day breakfast
and headed out to the pool for our last hour of sunshine:) I laid out while
Ben and Lance wandered around and played in the grass

At the airport

FORTUNATELY we got a whole row on our plane ride home which was glorious compared to our cramped ride there:) Ben..once again was a real sport:)

Despite being a red-eye flight all night...Ben did lots of cuddling...

but only slept like this for 3 hours:)

better than 0! :)

We had a super fun vacation and are so grateful G&D for making it possible.
We cherish the memories and time together!
We love you Mom & Dad--Aloha & Mahalo!

out of order I know but as soon as I steal some pics from a friend
there will be a post-dated Easter post:)