Friday, December 7, 2012

starting school/white coat ceremony

In August my Lance started dental school---finally! It was a long journey and lots of applications and too many sad Dec. 1sts....and I am so proud of him for his diligence and hard work but mostly for his faith and trust in our Heavenly Father and the plan He had for him and our family. So grateful for all the support from family and friends:) I sure love this man of mine...Dr. Bergeson, DMD!  

His white coat ceremony was such a special day for us and a fun physical ceremony to commemorate "making it"--funny how we feel like its a destination because we have been trying to get in for what feels like forever when really we are just starting:) We were bummed our family couldn't be here for the WCC but we had a fun day with just our little family. Forgive the cell phone pics, they were a little tricky holding both kiddos :)

dont like how i look prego in these shots but oh well
LOVE THIS SHOT! the 3 loves of my life!

kinda love the grass background in this shot, not to mention her big grin!

my cute boys looking hot and handsome in red!

This is as close as I got to a "first day of school" pic--LB is not super sentimental with photos:) 


August was a fun month. Our Dental school journey was still just getting started and it was HOT HOT HOT out:) We played a lot! While there is so much to say in these recent posts--in an effort to get caught up--ill post and summarize August in pictures...

Ben and Kai were thinking their ride was pretty sweet until they spotting this awe...this is not posed in the least i just happened to capture an awesome shot!

The only thing this boy needs is a Deere--like grandpa, like father, like son:)

I usually just quickly pull her fingers out but this time snapped a pic first--think its so cute!
my little chub in the tub

Lance had a few days off of school and we decided to some local stuff we knew we wouldn't have days to do them for a while:)

Fun family day at All About Kids play gym

Day trip to Cincinnati Children's Museum
This may be my favorite picture ever! I didn't notice the bird until after--it was just a quick shot of Blake in the stroller  because I was taking so many of Ben running around. Perfect timing on my part, perfect facial expression, perfect little baby. This is apparently how Blake felt about being in the stroller all day. 

a day at the YMCA water park Calypso Cove--before mom would have to brave it with 2 on her own:) 

A trip to the splash pad at the zoo and seeing the new baby giraffe

swinging at the park--my kids LOVE swinging!

Blakey found her toes!

my cheeser on orange sunday:) 

finally got out the jumperoo--she loves it!

a long long night of non-sleeping babies! 

splash pad at the zoo-Ben LOVES water!

sweet little profile

fun play date at the Staller's..Blake's first Popsicle and movie night

brother is sooo good at sharing--most of the time

amazed at how high Ben and daddy were swinging

fun family park day at Cherokee park

the first piece of clothing i have sewn on my own--for Blake of course--without a pattern and with scrap fabric and I LOVED it:) It only fit her for a few weeks because she was asleep and I couldn't measure her but it was worth the two times:)

first time sleeping unswaddled---shes growing up (tear:) i miss the Woombie!

power wheels party
Nature Class- Ben loved becoming a Knee High Naturalist
--mostly loved the nature walks at the end of each class:) 

first of MANY picnic meals with Daddy

SMOOCH! sibling love!