Thursday, September 19, 2013


these upcoming posts are all a mess--but they've been drafted without text for so long and now I am nearly a year behind so I am just gonna post what I have and try to catch up!
Pictures say a thousand words!

November 28: My sweet Blake's 8 mo stats
ht: 26.75 in wt: 20 lb 9.5 oz

Enjoying the fall leaves:

The Lip:(  Ben tripped on the wheel of the cart way into Kroger and fell. Of course he fell head first right on the only concret curb in the vacinity and bashed the crap out of his mouth, right on the corner of the curb. He killed his front two teeth and they get darker every day and his lip was sooo sore for days. Such a trooper-my little tough boy!

smoothies & milk shakes for every meal--lucky boy!

His front two teeth went thru his lip and i had to pull his lip off---ouch!!!


Learning pat-a-cake:) a milestone:)

Ben and I got this idea while watching a cartoon. We had so much fun building the spaceship and they had even more fun playing in it for WEEKS!!

Blake's first time riding in the top of the cart--she thought she was pretty cool:)

The spaceship gave us an idea..when Ben requested a new guitar at the store I told him he could help me MAKE one instead. WIN-WIN, he loved it and it lasted about as long as his interest did:) 

She wants to crawl so bad--but its just sooo hard:)

some of my favorite pics of Blake ever:)
Baseball with daddy. Ben is like a little puppy, Lance hits the ball and Ben fetches:)
GORGEOUS fall day!

my cuties--on our navy & green sunday:)

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...." so close to crawling:)

wrestling already:)

mastering pat-a-cake:)

For Thanksgiving we hit the road to Dallas! It was a LONG drive--too long maybe for a long weekend, but we were so glad we went! The kids did excellent on the drive!

Thank goodness for iPhones!

We got in super late--or should I say early morning:) the kids were thrilled to see each other the next morning.  Paigey was the perfect little mini-mom feeding Blake for me. 

Luke retired one Captain America costume and upgraded to a new one so he brought his hand me down one to Ben...Ben was thrilled! we have many years of superhero play ahead of us im sure! 

Family pictures: Rachel took our pics when we went to Dallas for Thanksgiving! We only had about 5 minutes of good light and i LOVE how they turned out!! She's amazing:)

Thanksgiving Day: Perfection! I loved being all together! 


Thanksgiving night movie: Brave

Lunch at Whiskey Cake: Lance claims it was HANDS DOWN the BEST burger he has ever had! 

Great Wolf Lodge:
Grandma and Grandpa took us all to the GWL in Dallas right after Thanksgiving. The kids had a BLAST!! it was the perfect way to end the holiday weekend:)

Blake with Gma and Gpa

just out of reach of the HUGE bucket tip:)

dinking around with the little boys during story time:)

the kids loved their "wolf den" kids room with bunk beds:)

silly christmas hats in the gift shop:) 

i LOVE this pic of my two babies:) 

watching the kids in the wave pool during naps by the pool-thank goodness!

sweet girl--she was super sleepy at great wolf--i figured it was a growth spurt but turned worse during our drive home:( she got hotter and hotter with a fever and I had no thermometer to determine what I should do. Loaded with Tylenol we kept on driving and stopped to rest half way. With hindsight, we should've kept driving because we were up aLL night with a sick and febrile baby:( 

--and after 12 hours of this and tears on the drive we drove straight to Kosair Childrens Hospital and turns out our sweet little babe had Roseola, a virus usually marked by several days of high fever followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks....

we had days of fever! 

and then came the rash----but she was still sooo sweet and cute with red bumps all over her face:) 

We got back from TX just in time for my birthday:) I was spoiled with fun presents, picture texts, and treats and lunch and breakfast and I felt soo loved! We also thoroughly enjoyed our Cheesecake Factory dinner--even though we brought the kiddos = i wrangled Blake vs. eating:)

birthday breakfast and pajama party at the Tafoya's--our fav!

Fun times at the U of L "red" Park: 

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mj said...

You are such a darling family. I can't believe I've never met either of your kids! It is crazy how much these babes have grown in the last 10 months. :)