Thursday, November 29, 2007


Lance and I headed to Las Vegas on Tuesday for Thanksgiving festivities.

It was so fun to see Anna, Rach, and Mike and help put together our feast.Rach and I even whipped out some delicious homemade pies! Mom, Dad, Cait, and Brooke all arrived on Thursday morning. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, fun times on the strip, delcious meals, some fun shopping, and sitting around and just watching anna try to jump made for a fabulous weekend.

anna definately steals the show when she is around...she is so fun to watch!


B&B said...

Yay you posted! Looks like you guys had a good trip down here! It was so great being able to see you two. Hopefully it happens again soon!

B&B said...
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Luisa said...

Hey Brit!
It looks like you guys had a great time! Fun to see all of your pics:)

Andrew and Tawny said...

i found your blog through someone what have our lives come never even told me you had a blog! haha. I MISS YOU! i love looking at your cute pictures. maybe you could help me set one up someday.