Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Oh-So-Exciting Life!

I know, I know...I have not posted for a while. I have no kids and not too many exciting things are going on for us these days. My wonderful husband and I love our life, but are not too shy admit we are looking forward to being done with costco and grad school (further away for some. Lance still has 4 more years of dental school...hehe!). I go to school every day, ALL day and Lance studies in the morning for DAT and then goes to work till 11 almost every day. I am glad he is such a hard worker. Our life right now does not provide a lot of picture taking opportuities :) I actually have had a crazy week or so with some exciting experiences, Ill share one or two.

So one night driving home from school I realized I really had to pee...not a good thing when you are stil at least 60 min or so from home. So I got to my car at park n' ride (only 20 min till home)and realized I had left my keys at school...not good. Then after getting the spare from Lance at work (thanks to my carpool buddies), I got home and realized I didnt have a house key...not good(Note: still really had to pee). So I remember that our spare is in the shed in back, so I trudged through the 2-3 feet of snow in my tights and flats (convenient that I was dressed up:))I get to the back fence and the latch is frozen shut. After trying everything, taking breaks now and then to dance around because wetting my skirt is not an option at this point. Finally, I get the latch un-latched (after blowing, spitting, and putting all my weight on it--which is a LOT of weight these days) and I went to open the fence; however, due to the snow built up on both sides I could not open it. I dug away the snow just enough to open it and tried to slide through. Then, just when I thought I was gonna squeeze through despite the extra lunch I had eaten, the loop on the back of my coat got stuck on the latch...ugh! Finally after getting un-hooked from the fence--which I am sure would have been a hilarious thing to watch, I dug the shed door open, in the pitch black at this point and reached around inside to find the single key on a nail. Conveniently, I hit it just right and it fell to the ground. Things could not have been worse! I dug around in the shed, having to pull everything out in order to find it (certain the whole time I was going to find a mouse or some other unwanted creature). Finally I found it and made it to the bathroom at least a half hour later and in a really ornery mood!

Then later that week, I fell on the ice REAL hard while running to jump in the car. Lance didnt even Lance and claims he almost had a heart attack because I fell REALLY heard and could not move! I was certain (still not quite sure) that I had broken my hip. I am sure it was pay back for the numerous times that I haved laughed real hard when I've seen others slip on ice (not if they hurt themselves, but just the embarassing stumbles on campus..haha...I know I am a total jerk!)

Anyways, that is about the extent of my exctiting life. Probably too long of a version of my stories for anyone to read but there you have it (and those are just 2 stories). My butt/back still hurt, I check 35 times on my way out of my building for my keys, my spare key--and a flash light--are back in my shed, and my perfect husband and I are still working hard at school and work!


B&B said...

Dang girl, you're tough... I would have just peed in the yard! Congrats on making it to the bathroom.

Kjerstine said...

you are soo funny. i love your every detail in your story!! :>
glad you didn't break any bones britty!

ed and kelli said...

haha i agree with the first comment.. i would have peed in the yard, then looked for the key.. hope your hip is feel better!!!

Uffens Family said...

K...first time you told the story I felt bad for you...this time I just laughed :) I am glad you are in one piece...and it sounds like you have learned your lessons!

Rebecca Parker said...

k, so I should be in bed, but so glad I checked to see if, by chance, you'd posted again:) i laughed (sorry!) just as hard hearing your adventures the second time!!! hope you're healing nicely though...i'll have to tell you later about my comedy of errors this afternoon!!

ambercarlson said...

I love stories like these! Love it! A