Monday, April 21, 2008

Halle Christine Hall

Tara had her baby early! She was born yesterday morning! For those who dont know my really good friends Tara and Mike, they got married last June and Tara got pregnant within 10 days before Mike left for 9 monthes to play pro-basketball for Kapfenburg Bulls in Austria. He was not supposed to be back till after play-offs in May but his coach let him come home for the baby--but he would need to head back Sat for play-offs. Halle's early arrival was perfect timing because it gives Mike time with his girls before heading back to Austria for a few weeks.

She is perfect and beautiful! I was so excited to meet her and I already cant wait to see her again tonight! Finals could not have been at a more inconvenient time. Per Tara-she has her daddy's nose and her mom's eyes and lips! She has tons of dark hair and cant tell how dark her complexion is yet--she is so sweet--and snorty!

Tara had her shower Saturday--perfect timing! here are some pics of some personalized onsies I made her!

note: except for the top two, its front and back--the bottom one is her "jersey"
to wear to cheer on her daddy!


Emily Jensen said...

hey Lance & Brittany...I wanted to congratulate Lance on the graduation! Debra said she was heading down, so congrats Lance. (I'm pretty sure she said Lance and Ian were graduating and not Ian and Megan...hmmm) Brittany the blogs' great, it's fun to see what you guys are up to...

Rebecca Parker said...

is that comment above from blake's mom?:) just curious...congratulate him for me too since i'm too preoccupied to get a card sent off! anyway, halle is precious & i actually don't think she will be nearly as dark as joy, but i know that can change! loved the onesies as usual-you are so talented!

The Dawes' said...

That's so great! Tell Tara congrats for me. Halle is soooo cute. I love the onsies you made, she'll look so adorable cheering her dad on.