Sunday, April 5, 2009

WHIRLIGIG with Parkers and Bergesons:)

Beck, in preparation for her boys' spring break, was on top of the fun and free stuff around in the area. When Marnie and her kids were in town Beck and her boys and I headed to Seattle for "Whirligig" (defn: millions of kids and inflatable toys and long lines and treats and screaming :>) It actually was really fun!  Once each of the boys had conquered the large, crowded inflatable toys--the lines were not too bad--we had some yummy treats (Marnie probably enjoyed hers the most!) Then we had an hour to kill before "donation" hour at the Children's Museum (aka: pay what you can or $5 for 9 people:) So the boys and Audrey all ran around outside in the fountain (not to be mistaken with a warm sunny day but fun nonetheless). Despite being cautioned to stay dry--there were some wet heads and sleeves:) but i think the adults were more cold looking at them then they were because they were running around. The museum was really fun and while an hour was not long enough--it made it seem even more full of fun things and there was no time for the kids to get bored:) 
the kidlets in "africa" in the children's museum--Marnie, Me and kids building our "house" in
 the construction station of the museum--Beck, boys, & I on Whirligig stage
The boys waiting "7 more minutes" till donation hour at museum--Luke P. holding his $$ for his museum donation

building our house--boys "not getting wet" in the fountain--Audrey was a trooper hanging out while boys played

playing on the snail--Luke & Derek coming down the slide

Cole and Derek--Me and the boys (minus Luke P.)--Cole, Luke B., Derek, & Dane

It was so fun! Thanks Marnie for hanging out with us and to Grandma Coons for sharing:) Can't wait till the Parkers' and Bergeson's can all get together again this summer for crabbing:) --we will need to get the Thomas's to come when Uffens' are here too for the girls to play:)!


Uffens Family said...

Looks like a blast! See you in a few weeks :)

tarat said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! I almost called you when Tim and I were there for a weekend, but I am glad I didn't because I ended up with the stomach flu. yuck. Hopefully we can see you soon though!

Marnie Bergeson said...

Cute pictures! I noticed you conviently left out the part about my boys' first impression/emotional breakdown about the slides. Good thing Cole and Dane were there to lead the way. However, it was funny that they said it was their favorite part at the end. Kids always suprise me. Thanks for being a terrific aunt.

Anonymous said...

crabbing? really brittany? im disappointed. haha


ps. i forgot my username and password. plus i need a new wallpaper thingy :) i mean i love myself and christmas time but... haha CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON! i love you!

Rebecca Parker said...

so that explains brooke's hiatus...what's my excuse? there's gotta be a way i can just copy your post, eh? might be the way to go for me these days-

Kjerstine said...

looks like you had a blast!! lunch date soon?!