Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So this year for Lance's birthday I officially rocked:) haha-- I decided at the beginning of September that I wanted to just be spontaneous and frivolous and surprise Lance with a well deserved get away for his birthday and one last romantic vacation just the two of us before the baby comes in a few months. So I did it...I decided to do it, I called a travel agent friend, called his boss and secretly arranged for him to have the week off without him knowing (not hard to do when your husband is: EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR--way to go babe!) and within the week a four day cruise to Mexico was planned!

Now all I had to do was keep it a secret for a few weeks--very hard for me but the surprise was definitely worth it. I printed every possible receipt, every confirmation for transportation, flights, etc., because being solely responsible for such a big trip was scary. One thing I overlooked was the cruise line's policy re: being 24 weeks or less prego--big trouble, big drama, refusing us boarding, me crying, etc. etc but thanks to a wonderful doctor and the dear Karen Dumboldton (sp?) of the cruise line personnel, we barely made it on board and could relax and enjoy...and eat all we wanted :)

Lance's boss posted a fake schedule and she was so sweet to work with me to have him totally surprised. He figured out we were going somewhere only when I picked him up from work monday morning at 9 and he saw our luggage. My mom dropped us up at airport and it didn't tell him where we were going until we had been on plane for 30 min or so! so fun! He had no clue and was way excited!

All our pics looks the same--self portraits, with no make-up, squinty eyes, and weird green outline our camera does sometimes--but here are some pics from our wonderful trip nonetheless. Hard to feel super cute on a cruise with all the skinny bikini clad girls when your 6 mo. prego but I got over it quick and enjoyed every minute.

We definitely ate our fair share, played putt putt, I dominated in ping pong, laid out a little, walked laps, lifted weights, explored the ports, met some new fun couples at our dinner table, and enjoyed much needed sleep during normal night hours (a nice break for Lance from graveyard shift). It was wonderful and I highly recommend it to all. Happy Birthday Baby! I had so much fun getting away with you and hope you loved the trip and enjoyed your well deserved break!


Rebecca Parker said...

whoo hoo! so nice of you to update your blog for us poor souls who were left behind:) love the pic o' lance @ 6 mos. pre-fatherhood...you will always be photogenic no matter the stage o' pregnancy! glad you escaped & kept a surprise-just wish i had been invited to party:)

Mika McDaniel said...

Good Job Britt! You are amazing! It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip. You look so good... some people look great during pregnancy and some not so great... you definitely look great! :)

marissa said...

Nice!! Way to pull off a surprise, i am horrable at keeping a surprise. I have always wanted to do that for Aaron. By the way you look very cute in all the pictures your so cute pregnant!

H and E said...

What a fun surprise, I can't believe you pulled that off. I totally would have blown it big time. I am glad they let you on the crusie. I am wanting to fly home for Thanksgiving and might lie to the airlines to do it!

Jennie said...

Awesome story. Awesome trip. Congratulations on pulling it off! I love cruising anywhere, and am very jealous of your recent romp in the Mexico sunshine! Welcome home.