Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thank You Easter Bunny for my 3 Mos Old!

had to try on the hand me down easter bib on the only day he can wear it ever:)

Lance and Ben listening to our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson speak to us on Easter. What a perfect holiday weekend for General Conference. To celebrate His atonement and resurrection and hear His words/counsel for us in the latter days through the prophet and apostles.

Although this is a season of rebirth, I'm grateful that Mr Ben has been on God's green earth for 3 mo now:) I can even look back @ the pain fondly for what it brought me since he just gets more fun with every passing month and more handsome if I do say so myself...runs in the family with my boys!
We had to postpone outdoor photo shoot of cousins adorned in Easter best no thanks to the very "Spring in WA" weather; however, much to Lance's questioning, we couldn't resist these indoor poses...

Aunt Beck had to supplement Ben's Easter basket with this King Benjamin action figure to dispell wiggles @ Church in upcoming weeks. I threw in some Superfeet & beef jerky for Lance, a church book for Ben and some candy for me:)

Lance and the boys wrestling saturday night before easter
--just thought the pic was cute so had to throw it in:)
Lance is practicing for when Ben gets bigger..
Stay tuned for easter pics with local boy cousins
when schedule and weather permits....

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Uffens Family said...

Super cute pictures!! Me and Annie really love the one of Ben in the basket- we are looking together at all her cousins! Ben is getting so big and is so handsome!! We love you!