Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ben at 7 mos!

*barely got this posted before 8 mos:)...it was drafted on time-does that count?

Ben at 7 mos:

• You weigh 17 lbs, 10 oz..of course we know that from an unplanned trip to the Dr. for your 1st ear infection (but you werent' in the picture taking mood:)

• You rode for the 1st time in the tube this month at the cabin

• You experienced your 1st move: out of your 1st house and into G&G's for 11 days (and mom experienced her first packing experience with you:)

• You have your two lower front teeth and were an angel--they just showed up:)

• you nurse 3x and eat 2 solid meals a day. We also give you tastes of a lot:)

• you are so curious and into everything you can reach, or cant reach for that matter--you love electronics, remotes, and anything else you know you are not supposed to have whether you have a million of your toys around you or not.

We are starting to see little glimpses of your willfulness when you want something you can't reach, can't have, or when you don't want to do something- it's almost like little mini-baby tantrums.

You can sit independently but you haven't figured out how to go from lying to sitting and back down so there is still some occasional tipping over.

• You are into other kids and love to watch your cousins play and run around you

Stay tuned for Ben's 8 mo adventures--lots of them! coming soon:)


Anonymous said...

i love this little boy!!

Rebecca Parker said...

Didn't know it was possible to be so photogenic @ this age? He's so funny cuz you can see his big personality in little body in every pic, but I've never seen a bad one of him:)