Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh My Hail!

On April 28th we had the most INSANE hail storm! It was kinda out of nowhere (which is not odd in KY) We had the Curfs over for dinner and Lance and Brandon were out BBQing some burgers when these giant mamma jammas fell from the sky. it was nuts, they were busting through car windows, trash can lids, cracking sideing on housing and filling our lawn. All we could do was stand inside and watch thousands of damage to our cars parked outside in it. About an hour later (after dinner and Blake's Happy 1 mo dessert:) Lance and Ben went outside to collect some, so this is what it looked like 1 HOUR later in 60 degree weather (in other words they were much bigger when they fell)


Tabitha said...

That is crazy big hail!

bbcurfew said...

Ugh, we are still rockin the dents from those bad boys!!