Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok--So I am totally stealing this from Emily's blog but after watching the clip and balling I wanted to share it with all my friends. Such a cute and touching video. (watch video first!)

Dont worry if after the video I spent like 30 minutes looking at the blog too.

Working with kids in Early Intervention at Kids On The Move in Orem this semester for my internship makes this hit even closer to home. One of the kids we were seeing last week is not doing well and his family is having to decide when to take him off life support. Every day is such a gift--makes me even more grateful for healthy babies and hopeful that mine, when I get to have them, are healthy too!


Amber said...

Oh he was so sweet. Thanks for sharing that, I think I will have a better day because of it.

Oh and 3 weeks down!

ed and kelli said...

ed's mom sent that to me a little while ago and i bawled forever! it is so cute.. what a cool video and cool way to document each day of elliot's life. loved it! how is school going? how are you? it's been a long time!

Kjerstine said...

oh i love this and children are a blessing- to work with and to have.
one day we'll both hopefully have great babies- healthy ones- but if not- like eliot, they were sent from God to propose all that is divine to the world.- That is what Kasara is to me- :)

Uffens Family said...

K I have not left a comment because I am a teary mess most of the time there days-seriously some of the things I cry at are so ridiculous, but I can't stop! I just look at the pictures...just the pics are a great reminder of how precious life is...hopefully our next one will get here as safe and sound as Annie.

Angie said...

I cried through that whole video! It hit way too close to home! We are so blessed to still have Parker and Kasidee with us and so healthy.

Emily said...

Isn't it an amazing video! I love it even though I bawl through the whole thing. Amazing family.