Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yay for Beck!

Beck ran her 1/2 marathon today!
Just wanted to give her props and tell her how proud of her I am.
She was so dedicated in her training. I dont think I could do it, esp. pregnant.
While I would like to have done a marathon--I dont want to train for it--haha :)
maybe next year beck! Yay for being done!

p.s. thanks from emailing pictures of beck brooke!


Uffens Family said...

WAY TO GO BECK! Glad you posted pics...keep checking Beck's blog to see...but know she won't brag about it even though it is a BIG accomplishment...and where is her prego belly??? I can't hide mine anymore!

Rebecca Parker said...

So not necessary...although i totally appreciate the support in advance & on day of:) feel free to remove most o' pics! however i did look cool & energized (even if thicker than i realized-ugh!) thanks to that sporty outfit & things to eat/drink that you sent before big run!! you are so thoughtful & i love ya! hope you had good weekend too except for fact that i'd like to run over the person who stole your wallet @ this point!!