Friday, September 19, 2008

Olly Olly Oxen Free! (isin't that what you say when you touch base?!)

So pretty much I am bored out of my mind—a dumb concept considering I have tons of school stuff I could do but I am not in the mood for that. Its Lance’s one night off this week but he has bishopric meetings starting at 7 and is not home yet (its 12!). I have checked all my blogs, the space and the book and have watched all the shows I had DVR’d this week. So what else but follow through on the Tags I have not done. I have avoided tags up till now Amber Beck and others have tagged me on, so I am turning over a new leaf. Here you go! Enjoy!

4 Things TAG

4 Random things that I love about my husband
1. I love his hands. I have memorized Lance's hands! He grew up working on the farm and his hands are strong but "soft". Hands that work hard to provide. Hands that have recently fixed impossible to fix cars. Hands that vacuum and scrub when I have been too busy or lazy to do so. His hands bless my life. Hands that I held at the temple 3+ years ago and hands that I fortunately get to hold everyday!
2. I love his songs. Lance gets in these silly moods and sings all the time and makes up songs about what he is doing, thinking, or feeling. He often throws my name into the lyrics whether it fits or not—even hymns :) Sometimes he will pick one line of a song and just sing it over and over again or pick one note to hold out real long, usually in falsetto. He also likes to stop mid-sentence of a familiar song and wait for me to fill in the words. He is hilarious.
3. I love watching him laugh real hard—its dang cute!
4. I love cooking for him. He seriously eats copious amounts of food and when I am not cooking, it is usually in bizarre combinations. He will eat anything and is so fun to try new things out with him there to eat it. He also thinks I am a super good cook—I have fooled him :)—but it is nice that he thinks that!

4 Jobs I have had
1. “Beautification specialist” at Bridgeport Dental Arts :)
2. H & L Produce
3. BYU—Athletic Department & Cougar Creations Copy Center
4. Provo Canyon School

4 Movies I have watched recently
1. What Happens in Vegas
2. Vantage Point
3. Hancock
4. The Other Boleyn Girl

4 places I have lived (or 5)
1. Student Housing/UW-Seattle, WA
2. East Cardinal Way-Cottonwood Heights/SLC, UT
3. 5504 and 8207-UP, WA
4. David John & Belmont-Provo, UT
5. Springville, UT

4 TV shows I have watched (this week—or else this list would be real long :)
1. Gossip Girl
2. Prison Break
3. 90210-new :)

4 places I have been most recently/today
1. Carmen B. Pingree School for Children with Autism
2. Cougar Creations to make Anna’s birthday shirt
3. Legends Grille-Brooke bought us dinner with dining plus :) Thanks Toots!
4. Golds Gym

4 people who email me regularly (pretty clear sign that my cell phone has replaced all of my social emailing :)
1. Debra my mother-in-law is a big fan of forwards—but they are usually pretty funny!
2. Deb Bachan and Kelly Brown-secretaries at school :)
3. Class mates at school
4. Southwest Airlines with their Ding updates

4 favorite foods lately
1. Fresh Fruit
2. Fancy salads
3. L&T wraps :)
4. Big yummy sandwiches

4 places I would like to visit
1. Australia or Europe (I know that is broad)
2. NYC or just East coast in general
3. Lake Merwin—my haven :)
4. My dad’s new place in Kona

4 things I am looking forward to this year
1. Graduating with my Masters in Occupational Therapy from the UofU & getting paid to work full time vs. working for free AND paying tuition
2. Welcoming my new niece and nephew to the family in October and November
3. Moving back to WA in December and then to Dental School in Fall
4. Hawaii in the Spring with the WHOLE family and then hopefully getting prego next summer?!

4 people I TAG:
1. Beck
2. Rach
3. Tara
4. Marnie


Joel and Sara said...

We have a guest bedroom at our house:) We day day trips to NYC and DC all the time!! You may use us as a hotel and do as you please anytime!!:)

Joel and Sara

Marnie Bergeson said...

That was fun to read Brittany! However, I have yet to do a "tag" so we'll see. As for Lance's singing style - Chad does the exact same thing (!) - putting my name into songs and singing falsesetto. But no one except me would ever know....

brittany said...

Love the new blog! Looks great! Have you guys heard any fun news so far regarding dental school? Hopefully the invitations to interview start rolling in!

tarat said...

I know that Chad and Lance do the singing thing, do you think Ian's future wife will have the same experience? I wonder...
I might have to be really bored before I do the tag. Maybe I'll surprise you!

Rebecca Parker said...

fun to read your responses, but i'm pretty sure i've done this tag before?! :)