Wednesday, September 3, 2008

UP/Merwin for a week!

After the family reunion in Royal I got to fly over to Portland to spend a week with my family both in UP and at the cabin. I had a root canal re-done which served as a wonderful excuse for some time in UP which unfortunately :) meant a week at cabin first. I had so much fun with my parents, sisters (minus brooke :( ), bro-in-law, nephews, niece, shampoo man, and the alligator with the party hat. I not only had fun relaxing time at cabin but I got walks with my mom, a date night with Rach, Annie, Cole, and Dane on B&C's anniversary where we colored a 4 foot Rafael, a super fun Ninja Turtle party courtesy of the Parkers (Cole's 6th birthday), fun times shopping, etc. I love that the home I grew up in is such a wonderful, happy, comfortable place to be and the relationship I have with my family is so amazing! I am lucky to have them and even luckier to have a PERFECT husband who lets me go home while he works to provide for our family (I do work when I can on the weekends:)). Thanks babe and thanks fam--for everything!


Angie said...

I miss the Pacific Northwest! It is so beautiful! It looks like you had a good trip.

Uffens Family said... all the pics and the cutest part was Annie sat here on my lap thru the whole slide show and talked about her cousins, aunts, grandparents, and the "tabin"....will you email me that pic of Cole, Annie, and Dane on the rolled up sleeping bag???

Rebecca Parker said...

those pics. are great & i'll definitely need copies as usual-hard to believe that was a whole month ago & summer is over plus you're back hard @ work & school...lookin' forward to bonding again @ Thanksgiving! please thank lance for sharing you during that extra week:)