Friday, February 26, 2010

Ben's Blessing

So I am finally posting pics from Ben's blessing day. The day was wonderful. We had so much family travel to be there for our family. The night before we all got together at our house for pizza and bonding. On Sunday, Lance gave Ben a beautiful blessing from our Heavenly Father and from him as his father. After church, we all got together at my parents house for a very yummy BBQ lunch (thanks mom!), the Super Bowl, and lots of pictures. Enjoy!

The pics are all backwards (from the end of the day to the beginning)
and I don't feel like taking the time to reverse them all:)
resting after a long day
cuddling with my daddy

bonding with aunt beck
sleeping through the Super Bowl with Grandpa Paul

4 generations: Great Grandpa Shaw, Grandpa, Mom, and Me
Dad, Mom, & Me with Great Grandma and Grandpa Shaw

Posing with my cousins Sarah on my left and Kinsey on my right--both born in September--the 2009-2010 Bergeson Babies:)
All the Bergeson Grandkids and the Parker boys
(only missing my Uffens Cousins-Anna & Paige)
I was very reverent-folding my arms almost all day

The Pre-Blessing Family Pizza Party:


Uffens Family said...

So many wonderful pictures!!! So sad we were not there, but so glad we got to spend an entire week with him. I love the pictures of you and Lance kissing his chubby cheeks!!! So kissable!

Rebecca Parker said...

Totally expecting to see you beat me to CA post too, but bennerman's blessing was def worthy of another post:) he's such a poser!! i love all of his if only i could see them more in person so wasn't so reliant on blog?! hmmm--

Kjerstine said...

OH I love all the photos! What a wonderful day! You look great! I hope we can have a Ben, Britty and Kj date soon! New Greys this Thursday.... txt me if you want company again during our such silly girly show!
[PS- can you believe who Jake on Bachelor chose?!?! yuck!]