Monday, February 1, 2010

week 3

took these while he was sleeping to capture the size of this little guys hands! they are huge!
dont worry if as we took the first pic-fresh from the tub-his face is indicative of the mess he was making in towel and on my lap-little stinker:) he stops crying when i put the hood of the towel over his face while I dry him off:)
love this one! he loves swimming on his tummy and has fallen asleep that way twice!

bath time with grandma :)

ben sporting the "someone in washington loves me" jammies that my dad picked out for me to wear home from hospital in '83:)

he makes hilarious facial expressions that give us a peek at his little personality--able to capture a few:)
his poor heel after pku testing thing :( he didnt break eye contact with me the whole time she squeezed his poor heel to fill all the circles as if to say "why are you letting her do this?" --enough to break a mom's heart!
my little gnome :)
some more funny faces!
i promise we did more than bathe this week:)


mj said...

love the close up swimming one. love it. when can i meet him!? i'm afraid he'll be a toddler when i do.

Amber said...

Love the bath pictures! Babies and baths just go together! You are a cute mom, I've never thought of letting Luke "swim" on his tummy. So cute!

Uffens Family said...

Love him! Thank you Thank you for the update!! Can't wait to hold him!!! Less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!

Candace said...

He is such a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations!

Rebecca Parker said...

K I've never seen it live, but you're right re: his affinity toward baths:) He is so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

oh my- he is such a doll and changing so much- as I just saw him two weeks ago?! I'm going to txt you today... possible Greys night? LOVE YOU.