Monday, May 3, 2010

aloha & mahalo

Last minute we decided to splurge on a GREAT deal for flights to Hawaii and join my parents and Cait and Brooke in Hawaii. We had so much fun and are so glad they let us tag along! Thanks mom and dad! Narrowing down was difficult--here it goes:)

Off to Hawaii....

Ben was a CHAMP on the flight. I held him off a bit so he ate and fell asleep right as we took off. He slept and played and chilled the whole time--NO CRYING:) I love this kid!
I'd still love him more than anything if he cried but i just love him extra because he doesn't:)

At the airport with mom, glad to be off the plane

relaxing at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Then getting a manicure from dad on the back porch before dinner:)

Day 2:
We were not quite on Hawaii time yet so it was early to bed and early to rise for the Bergeson clan. We went on early walks and bike rides every morning before it was too hot and Ben loved it! Here he is on morning one in the trailer outside the house getting ready for ride with Dad:)
After bike ride our little sharka went on a walk with the ladies down to A-bay
Then it was time to hit the pool!
I was not too sure at first (as is evidenced by the look on my face and my sad lip)
--it was too cold in this pool and I much preferred sitting on the edge:)

I was such a good boy and always took good long naps when we went to
Hapuna so mom and dad could lay out and play in the waves.

I love to have my belly rubbed:)

The girls outside of Tommy Bahamas--My new favorite restaurant at Mauna Lani.

In the fam picture there was a beautiful sunset in back that didnt picture well :(

Day 3:

Only in Hawaii am I up and out in back yard at 6 am and loving it:) Ben did too!
Ben looking handsome in his Hawaii Sunday best before church at the Waimea 1st Ward
Our standard pic outside the church after sacrament meeting before snagging Malasadas
Ben being silly with dad
After a yummy steak and potato dinner at the house (thanks mom!:) We walked over to A bay to watch the sunset and found a fun surprise on the beach. "Crush" was napping so we took a few photos with him and his buddy. He was so cute!
The first guy was smart and at least napped on the sand vs. the other guy's rocky bed

relaxing and watching the sunset with mama
below is the pretty view of King's Course from Grandma and Grandpa's balcony

Day 4:

ready to hit the pool!
Chilling in the pool with mom and playing with dad.
He liked this pool--it was much more comfortable temperature wise
and more interesting with fountains and slides:)

sunbathing the way white babies do best: in long sleeves, a hat, and covered in specially ordered infants under 6 mo. sunscreen from Australia:)

Pics at Kawaihae Harbor after dinner at Seafood Grill

Day 5:
at Hapuna loving the ocean! Fortunately there was a little shallow pool higher up on the beach where the water had warmed up and no waves crashed--perfect for babies!

That night Brooke, Lucy, and Cait watched Benner while Lance and I & Mom and Dad participated in a session at the Kona Temple. Thanks Ladies--Ben had fun!

Dinner at Bubba Gumps after the temple (sweet shoes Brooke!)

Day 6:
Day 6 Grandpa, Lance, Brooke, & Lucy all took Surf Lessons all morning with Mike:) They did Great despite the waves not being too big! Mom, Cait, Ben & I all had a lot of fun watching.
Then we got some food at yummy burger type place that I cant remember the name of
(my Grandpa Paul would be disappointed because it was named after an old baseball player...It'll come to me prob right after I publish...)
After surfing we drove up to Puʻuhonua O Hōnaunau - The City of Refuge. we all complained about the long windy road to get there (sorry dad!) but it was worth it-it was really cool.

Later, Ben and dad fell asleep snuggling at the house

Day 7:
We finally got some pics in Ben's floatie! He loved it and kicked and "swam" like crazy!
Ben loved the kick and swim with his many admirers-especially Grandma and Grandpa!
Ben taking one of his many naps in B.O.B.--gosh we made a smart stroller choice!

Later we got ready and went out in Kawaihae Bay on a dinner cruise.
It was really yummy and fun despite the rough waters:)
Ben's first bus and boat ride (other than the jungle cruise at Disneyland)!

We discovered my new FAVORITE ice cream flavor after at Marble Slab at the Queen Shops--Amaretto ice cream with coconut and macadamia nuts--so delicious!

Day 8:
just a cute picture of our little shark with his cute fin up
laying with mom--in a gazebo--getting ready for some yummy lunch and a long nap
grandma and grandpa at the Waikaloa pool. Thanks so much for letting us tag along this year.
We had so much fun and are so grateful! cant wait till fam trip '11
enjoying the famous calzones at Kona Brewery--yum!

Day 9:
Last day at Hapuna:(

Last supper of crab bisque and coconut shrimp at Tommy Bahama's once again
--till we meet again next year:)

Day 10: Headed home :(
we woke up early and hit the pool for an hour or two before boarding the plane and heading back to the mainland. Ben did great again on the way back. He did have one little emotional melt down but thats only because he didn't want the poor parents of the SCREAMING 9 mo old a few rows in front of us to feel bad. His 1-2 min. didn't compare to their 4 hours so we were very thankful once again for our sweet boy!

Aloha and Mahalo!
Till May 2011....


Rebecca Parker said...

Mahalo for the post:) I seriously have been waiting to see ben's first opportunity to enjoy the sand n surf & your pics didn't disappoint...glad you & lance got to escape as well!

Mike, Tabitha, and Sawyer said...

How fun! Your family does such cool things. Ben is getting so big and cuter everyday. You look great! I'm sad you are selling your Utah house. Who knows when the next time I see you will be,,,

Heather said...

You guys are so lucky! Me and Spence have always wanted to go to Hawaii. We are hoping for our 10th anniversary next year.
Does your family have a place there? You guys go on so many fun trips! Great Pictures!!!