Monday, May 3, 2010

Ben at 4 months!

Ben at 4 months:

*You had shots again and I am sorry! I didn’t warn you because I didn’t think about it myself until we got there but you handled it like a champ!

*You weigh 14 lbs 15 oz which is the 50th %. You are 85% for height at 26.5 inches tall. You are rapidly growing out of 3-6 month size clothing--especially your long limbs! You still outgrow the length before the girth on everything!

* You are still smiling a lot and you can definitely recognize your mom and dad!

* You have started laughing we think... we haven't heard a big belly giggle out of you yet and are anxiously awaiting the day. Maybe we just aren't that funny!

* You can now use your little hands to grasp and therefore have been playing with toys for the past little while. Everything goes in your mouth and when mom forgets a fun toy you are satisfied to just suck on your hands which is super convenient but messy! You love to put anything and everything in your little mouth, especially your pointer fingers--its pretty cute! Let the months of slobber all over begin!

* You are still not a huge fan of your car seat but sometimes you forget and just chill--i love those drives and will never take them for granted!

* You love to stand up (supported of course) and check out everything around you. Sitting and standing trump every position hands down!

* You made your first visit to Hawaii! Hopefully many more to come…

* We are still waiting for a 12 hour night that we have heard about:) You consistently sleep about 6 or so, wake up for a snack, then go back for 4-6 hours depending on the day:) We have bumped your bedtime successfully up to like 10 or 10:30 instead of 1am and you nap about 3x/day

* You are still pretty adaptable and do great anywhere really--church, walks, airplanes, restaurants, grocery store, mall (sssh-dont tell dad:) Your dad and I often say that you pick situations where every other baby would cry and make miserable and you sleep:)--its wonderful!

*at your 4 mo. Dr. Hautala suggested we start rice cereal. You were not a hug fan at first but now you really like it and have it about 1x/day.


Rebecca Parker said...

love lil' benner even more with each passing mo & your descriptions ...those will be even more valuable later, so make sure you have a copy elsewhere:) love aunt beck & boy cousins

Amber said...

Ok he just keeps getting cuter and cuter by the month! I love all of his expressions and he always looks so happy. He has been on more vacations in his short little life than I have in the last year! I can't wait to hear how the feeding is going, you will be a pro. I wish you/I lived closer! :( we will just have to plan a mother son trip somewhere, cheap!

Nate and Nicole said...

Brittany, your little guy is DARLING! What a perfect little mix of you and Lance. (You look great, too, by the way!).

Tabitha said...

Time for more pictures! Babies change so fast...we want to see more of him!

It was great seeing you last week. Hopefully we can make it out to Washington this summer.

Ben is a doll! (action figure cause he is a boy? No, that doesn't sound as cute) Ben is very handsome.