Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 6 mo to my Ben!

Happy half birthday Ben!!!!

• You are 17 lbs 4 ounces (50 percentile) and 27 inches (80th percentile). Most of your clothes are 6-12 months or 9 months. You wear a size three diaper and size three shoes.

Over the last month you have learned to love boating and have a hard time staying awake because you get so comfy.

• You love to read books and hold books and eat books:)

•You love the cabin and playing in your little pool!

• You love strawberries in food net:)

•You still LOVE your tubbies and even though I got you a couple pretty sweet bath toys, you much prefer your washcloth and shampoo bottle.

• This month you sat in a shopping cart for the first time and boy do you think you are a fancy donut!

You love to stand and you love to jump in your jumper, but don't seem to have much interest in crawling.

• You mastered sitting at 5 mo. and 1 wk and that’s had a lot of advantages!

• You have been around grandma’s cat Toonces your whole life but just barely noticed him. You love to watch him and grab at his ears if he gets close enough, therefore, he is not your biggest fan anymore.

• You LOVE to eat! You are still nursing about 4-5 times a day and also eating two solid meals of fruits, veggies, and grains.

•You are very in tune with your senses—you will put your hand on something and if the texture is cool or new you will open & close your fingers really fast on it –sometimes you do it to mom’s shirt or shoulder or your blanky when you are falling asleep.

• You are definitely starting to recognize strangers. You don’t seem to necessarily care whose holding you yet, but if it’s a new face, they get a full examination. Occasionally, you act shy and smile and turn your face into momJ

• You are still quite urpy! You still take your Prevacid for reflux every other day and we definitely notice when we forget! We seem to always be covered in spit up, and drool as well. It’s awesome!

•You love to drink water and its almost impossible for mom or dad to drink anything around you without sharing—good thing we only drink shareable drinks (except milk)J

• You are so so sweet! You love to be close your mom and dad and always reach out to hold my finger while you eat. You love to reach out for my face (and dad’s when he is clean shavenJ) and pull me right up next to your face, and put my nose or chin in your mouth, its gross, but oddly really cute too!

• You are a silly boy and love to play and laugh! You have the sweetest little laugh that when we get to hear it—we LOVE it!

• You still sleep best swaddled at night—which may be trouble in our warm, sans AC house. Mom isin’t quite sure how to change that but welcomes suggestions. For naps you always end up comfy on your tummy like this sunday nap below:)

You are making more distinct sounds and talking all the time.

•You are still a cuddler and I love that. You will cuddle with mom, dad, or other familiar faces when you are really tired, with mom and dad when you first wake up, and sometimes with mom just because you love herJ and the feeling is mutual!

•You love when mom sings with you—we pretty much make a lot of our conversation into song—its like a daily musicalJ but you especially like “I am a Child of God”, “B-B-B-BennyJ”, “We are a happy family”, “Benny & the Jets” and some other Primary and family classicsJ

•I am truly grateful for every one of those “little moments” with you! The last 6 months with you have been so much fun and love being a mom more and more everyday! You are becoming so alert and your little personality is shining through. You are so laid back and easy and good. People constantly tell me that I will never get another baby as sweet and easy as you so I better enjoy it and I promise I do!! I love you Bennerman! Happy 6 mo!


Amber said...

Oh I could just eat him up! He is really the sweetest baby, I've only been with him for an hour or so but I can tell, call it motherly instinct!

As far as the swaddling goes...Luke started waking up screaming....I started putting him in a sleep sack that I sewed the arm holes up. Then eventually moved his arms out. Luke was about 6 mo old when we did it.

Rebecca Parker said...

Love these monthly updates...You better keep 'em up once he's a Louisville Slugger & I don't get to see him up close n' personal--we will miss you!!