Sunday, July 4, 2010

Proud to be an American

We started our day out patriotic and looking dapper for church

Ben is such a fun silly boy--he thought his vest as a hat was hilarious!

After taking a few years off we were back at the Fort for the fourth. Growing up we always went to Ft. Vancouver for the firework show. It was always such a fun memory and didn't disappoint this year. We did miss our dad--we left for Vancouver after he went to bed for work that night then he drove down and joined us after.

arriving for Ben's FIRST FOURTH at the FORT:)--he is excited!!

Ben was fascinated by the fireworks!! We enjoyed the show with Gma, Gpa, Beck, Cole, Dane, Luke, Brooke, Caitlin, Jake, & Katie. It was a party!

Sister pic missing Rachie :( but excited to see her 7/27!!

We headed to the cabin for a few days after the fourth during my fam's week vaca. Grandpa Gary was recovering for neurosurgery just the week earlier and is truly amazing. Despite being advised to take a mo. off, he was back to hiking, driving, wakeboarding within a few weeks and back to work within 3 weeks.....amazing! Ben loves the boat! and loves to drive it with grandpa!

such a happy boy! definitely a cabin boy and fan of the lake!!
posing on the dock!

loving the yellow chairs on the porch :)
Benner & Daner-dog
Lance & Jake on new spinner tube
Lance, Dane, & Cole on the boat
My little family:)
Ben playing in his pool:)
floating in paradise:)
fun times at Lake Merwin!

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Rebecca Parker said...

Oh my goodness! I have such a handsome nephew:) Looks like I missed some sunny days @ cabin too, but fun to check out pics...