Friday, September 3, 2010

Ben at 8 mos!

Ben's 8th month was a whirlwind! Ben made the chaos and move and road trip etc. very bearable and fun!

Ben at 8 months:

• I don't know how much you weigh or how long you are this month but I know you are growing constantly!
• You wear 6-12 month clothes and they fit you really well for the most part.
• You still just have your 2 lower teeth.
• You started out the month with some final trips to Merwin. We canoed, swam, tubed, and floated. You love the lake! (see pics from Merwin posts)
• You got to go to your cousin Cole's baptism and birthday which was super fun!
• You took your first Family pics with mom and dad. Aunt Rach took them and they turned out awesome!! Thanks Rach!! (see pics at top of post, on side, as blog header, etc.)
• You said "goodbye for now" to your family/friends in UP and Royal
• You visited Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky for the first time. (see pics in previous post:)
• You stayed in Hotel for a week + with mom and dad and then moved into new home in Louisville
new small but fun old house in a GREAT neighborhood!
• You have thought about crawling a lot but haven't quite crawled yet and I am ok with that for the time being:)
• You still love to eat and eat a lot. You eat 2-3 meals a day and in between. You really like puff and are still working on picking them up on your own. You like original and strawberry mum-mums and yogurt melts:) and anything else we give you tastes of:)
•You love walks with BOB in KY. We have to go early am or late evening before bed because it is TOO hot in between and is sometimes too hot then:)

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Rebecca Parker said...

oops! guess i hadn't seen these @ least in formal post:) so glad i checked 'cuz obviously could look @ over n' over again n' enjoy 'em as if for the first time anyway! absolutely love your fam pics, but helps to have photogenic fam in addit to being related to talented photog:) wish i could mimic how you've always been able to look natural but great in just about every pic?! can't wait to get visit on calendar to see you in kekucky so easier to picture you there literally:)du