Friday, September 3, 2010

KY or Bust: Part 2

Alright, so we arrived in Louisville. It seemed kind of surreal that we actually lived here but it is slowly sinking in :). Fortunately, our good friends from BYU, Brandon (Lance's college roomie) & Brittany Curfew live here and have helped us out so much! We narrowed, with some help, our list of housing options and it quickly was down to one. One that wouldn't be ready for a few weeks! So we camped out at the hotel, swam, relaxed, and waited. Paul and Debra were so thoughtful in offering to drive our Audi to KY for us. They got to KY Friday and because we couldn't move in, we decided to try a few tourist-y stuff:)

We went a found the Louisville, KY LDS temple.

and of course the Costco:)

Then we hit Churchill Downs
had to try on the jockey gear:)
Ben liked riding the horses
posing by Barbaro :)

We tried out some yummy ones and some oldies but goodies:)
and we did lots of swimming!

We said goodbye to P&D on Sunday and cant wait till we see family again in October.

We found an older house in a darling neighborhood and great location. We were able to get moved in sooner than expected because we offered to do the cleaning. I am still deciding if that was a good idea:) haha. We are all moved in and slowly getting settled. Ben helped a ton!

a magic carpet ride:)

We have met so many fun new friends here in Louisville and are blown away by how kind and including (can that be used as an adj?) they have all been.
Ben was invited to his darling friend Lakai's 1st birthday party

we have been to bbqs, bonfires, bday parties, ward tailgate parties, etc and feel so good about this move. It is a leap of faith-step into the dark and we REALLY hope it works out this year. I am feeling it this year--Go Cards!

Stay tuned for more pics from KY!


Anonymous said...

love looking at the pictures, i could look at benny all day long!! i love you guys and am so glad youve gotten setttled in.. maybe some day ill get to come visit! i love you! -boop

tarat said...

Cute pics! I am glad things are going well. I need to talk to you guys, I thought you were moving into that apartment complex. I am missing some important details! Curses to that three hour time difference. Keep the cute pics coming.

Marnie Bergeson said...

I have been thinking about all of you a lot lately. It's nice to see/read and an update and know that you are making a home there! I know that Louisville is lucky to have you!!

Tabitha said...

I love the new blog layout! You're family picture heading is beautiful! You look fabulous!(and skinny)

Who knows maybe in 18 years our little guys will be college roommates.

We are going to Tacoma in 2 weeks and Mike mentioned that we should see you guys...he was bummed when I told him you are in KY now!!!!

Trev and Shan said...

yay! i found your blog! we are so glad you guys are here and love hanging out with you! i'm glad you like it here so far. your blog is super cute, by the way. and ben is the most adorable little boy ever!! i'm sending you an invite to my blog so check your mhmb email. :)

Mike, Tara, Halle, and Bubba said...


Okay, so just when I think that I have a super cute blog page, you go and change yours and it is SOOOOO stinking cute! Of course...I tried texting you today as I was trying to get ours done for some help, so I'm super excited to try to get in touch with you and catch up!! I'm so excited you guys have moved and got there safely...funny that now you are closer to where I'M from! Me and the kids will be out your way the very beginning of October for Kady's wedding craziness...wish we had a car so we could meet you halfway or something! It's about 90 minutes, maybe a little less, but I would so do it just to get away for a while. It'll be a fast and furious trip, but you know how that goes. Sorry this is long...LOVED looking at all that has happened for you guys. Please please please stay in touch. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! Love Tara and fam