Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks...

Well we weren't at home this Thanksgiving which we thought would feel weird but we are fortunate to have had Megan come visit and to spend the holiday with some of our wonderful friends! we split up the food assignments and all met at the Tafoya's for a delicious FEAST!
I was in charge of some rolls (which turned out weird), fruit (which I am quite proud of my fruit kabob turkey-thanks for your help meg!), green herbal beans, and yummy stuffing!
EVERYONE's food was fantastic! Brandon put his Tucanos knife and meat carving skills to good use and did some expert turkey carving:)
We had a party of 20 including the kiddos and it was fabulous! Shanah, Jocelyn & I were up WAY too late the night before working on our place turkeys:) We first attempted with homemade oreos which was a disaster so we ended up with the classics...they turned out cute!
My Ben loved his turkey day dinner and opted to eat with us instead of nap--he's no fool:)
I am sad I didn't get a pic with my Lance or with Meg.

Thanksgiving is clearly about so much more than the food. It was a wonderful day and I have so much to be thankful for!
I am so blessed.
I have a fantastic husband who is the most hardworking, funny, committed, strong man. I couldn't ask for a better dad for my baby or priesthood leader in my home. I am so lucky he is mine and will stand by him forever!
I am blessed with the SWEETEST little boy who is constantly amazing us and others with how well-behaved, smart, sweet, silly, & handsome that he is. I am so privileged to be his mamamama:)
We are SOO blessed with WONDERFUL parents, siblings, and extended family. They are a constant and consistent support for us, showing unconditional love, and are more than family--but honestly our best friends! I cant go a day without talking to my mom, dad or sisters..and sometimes all of them:)
Speaking of friends. We have wonderful friends. We are so fortunate to have made so many great friends here in louisville! and we have friends from utah and washington that make us grateful for things like blogs and facebook to keep in touch and up on pictures:)
I am grateful for the knowledge I have of my Savior and my Heavenly Father's plan for me. It gives us such perspective when things in our lives aren't going quite like we "planned" and brings such peace into our hearts.
Grateful for this country, the military, church and political leaders, the rain and sunshine, my house-small, old, and cozy:), our bikes & stroller to enjoy outside with my boys, our cars, jobs, education, DVR, internet & computer, cookbooks:) & yummy food, silly gossip magazines and good books, etc. etc.
I could go on...
I am SOO blessed!


Amber said...

h how I love Thanksgiving! And can I just say that Ben is looking more handsome than ever!!! I'm so jealous of your well behaved little boy because I swear sometimes I'm living with a monster! Your fruit turkey is just so you and I love it! We made those cute oreo turkeys at work. I really should be calling you instead of leaving such a long comment but I'm afraid it might be too late in your neck of the woods...There is always tomorrow! :)

Uffens Family said...

I am SO impressed and would like you to send me a fruit kabob turkey!!! YUM! Creative genes skipped me sadly :) Love little Benny's face! and his festive holiday bib!

Rebecca Parker said...

Amen sister to your blessings! In my next life, I would like to be as photogenic & crafty as you:) I saw a cute bib for Thanksgiving that said "I'm stuffed!" with a turkey...impressed by your festivities even though wasn't same without all Shaw girls @ home:/