Monday, December 6, 2010

Meg comes to Louisville

YAY! Aunt Meg came to visit us. Our first houseguest. 7 hours is not super close but way closer than WA and it was SOO fun to have some family here for Thanksgiving weekend. She drove down Weds night and we had a fun few days before she headed back Saturday afternoon.

Thursday we cooked, skewered, and ate LOTS celebrating Thanksgiving at the Tafoya's. Regrettably I didnt get any pics with Meg and us on Thurs.

Friday we had our first Black Friday Adventure. Meg wanted to do some shopping and while I was nervous--we braved it-- and it was worth it! Even though it was FREEZING, once we got our frozen doors open, we got some great deals on some good finds.
Then we went to Costco, met Lance, and drove with Meg to the temple.
Again, regrettably, no pictures because I stayed with my sleeping Ben in the car.
Then we browsed Sams club and Jefferson Mall while Meg got some unexpected new tires :(

Saturday before Meg left we did some of the Louisville touristy stuff. We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum....well sort of:) Then we braved the cold and walked around downtown a little bit to check out all the cool architecture and restaurants.

We dropped Ben off at home with Lance to take a nap and then Meg and I went to Churchill Downs Museum. Lucky for us there were some races that day that we got front row seats too so we got a double whammy:)

the jockey's are as small as they say!

Thanks Meg for coming! It was a wonderful weekend
and it was so fun to have you! Come again soon!!


BMSHAW said...

love all the pics and glad you got a fun visitor/aunt! i love you!

Uffens Family said...

First of all I will never take a picture with a jockey because I already have a complex :) But glad there is a place for really little men. Glad you had a visitor! I love visitors because it breaks up the "norm" and glad Ben got to bond with his aunt...jealous :)

tarat said...

Megan said she had a great time. She said Ben is so cute and sweet and she was glad she could come and see you guys. Now we need to plan a trip east to see all of you guys. I don't know when that will happen. See you soon. YEAH!

Rebecca Parker said...

ditto to rach-lol:) except we can't wait for oppor to be the visitors ourselves for tour o' Louisville...we'll settle for holiday homecoming in meantime!!

Tabitha said...

Where did you get Ben's red striped pants? They are adorable!