Saturday, March 5, 2011

14 months old!

Ok so I suppose I don't need a huge update EVERY month--cant keep that up forever:)--but here are some pics and videos to capture SOME of what Ben is up to this month.

Ben at 14 months:

a collage of some iPhone videos:)

Ben at the park...

Ben reading with Ryan...

Ben playing in kitchen while mom cooks:)

Ben enjoying some whole wheat oatmeal blueberry pancakes---soooo good!

Ben in his new life jacket

Ben helping mom recycle:)
Ben riding his dump truck

Ben riding his horsey

Ben's favorite seat for Thomas & Friends (new favorite show:)

When the "Farm Machinery Expo" comes to Louisville you better believe we are on our way:)
I love my farm boy:)


Rebecca Parker said...

soo sweet another mo older! he's def lancer's son, but i see a lot o' shaw/kinnersley in him too!! looks like you're having fun with his new mobility in the ville!

BMSHAW said...

benners just gets cuter and cuter.. i love you! your an amazing mom!

tarat said...

I think Chad wants to join you next year. He said Lance called him and was impressed with a combine that Lance told Chad "was bigger than your house." Fun fun.