Saturday, March 5, 2011

BIG Treasures at Little Treasures

Holy Smokes!! There is a GIANT consignment sale here that is organized and AMAZING!! It is 2x a year and prices and selection are UNBELIEVABLE. We are talking anything and EVERYTHING you could possibly want!! Its like 2 football fields PACKED full! Seriously-a fun game would be for you to name it and I would tell you if they had it and then we could be in AWE together of the price!
You better believe I'll be there in October--to sell this stuff & get more:)!

Treasures Pictured Below: Caterpillar bulldozer, books x8, Leap Frog fridge alphabet magnets, toolbox, alligator xylophone, classic alpha blocks, shake elmo, shake cookie monster, TMX elmo, Ride on/Push dump truck, golf/putt putt set, talking Chuck, Mega Blocks Wagon full of blocks, Little People Noah's ark, Mr. Potato Head, shape sorter, Leap Frog drum, Leap Frog fridge animal matching game...

Treasures Not Pictured: 2 sweater vests, 18-24 mo. khakis, seersucker blazer, blue dress shirt, brown linen chinos, baby bjorn, brown dress shoes, 12-18 mo. jeans, rash guard, hiking backpack, Thomas train push n' go, Little People Zoo, etc.

Now the CLINCHER: ALL (pictured & not pictured, toys & clothes & etc.) for around

Now I KNOW Ben doesn't NEED any of this BUT he had some Christmas/Birthday money and Lance and I hadn't gotten him anything for Christmas/Birthday and it was all CRAZY cheap and we put over half of it (some still in original packaging) in attic for future use and for my OT friends, I can come up with good developmental skills for almost all the toys!!

ok ok--and I am a sucker for a sweet deal!


Marnie Bergeson said...

You have my official permission to be by personal shopper. You are always great at finding deals. Just think, what if you had FOUR'd have to have a wide angle lens to take a photo shoot of your stash. Love ya!

tarat said...

Looks like fun! Did Lance go with you, or did you leave the men home and go all by yourself?

Tabitha said...

AWESOME! I may be sending you a wish list in October!

Erin said...

holy cow, you did get a lot of great stuff!!!!

Amber said...

Wow! I'm jealous you know how I love a good deal!