Sunday, April 3, 2011

15 mo!

Ben at 15 mo:

You are still 25th % which oddly enough is only 1.5 lbs and 1.5 in off from 50-75th % weird?!?

•you weigh in now at a whopping 23 lbs and 31 in. tall

• you FINALLY started drinking milk and now are making up for lost time and drinking 24 oz of milk on top of your usual 24 oz of water:) thirsty boy!

•you love your tubbies

•love love love being outside
•still love to swing but not for as long as you used to:)

• you are mr independent in the back yard which is fantastic for mom while cooking dinner :)

• you occasionally revert back to crawling

• you like to mow the lawn with your daddy

•you think 2 monkeys are better than 1

• you like to help push the grocery cart now which is oh so fun for mom!

• you were a big fan of Jimmer playing for mom and dads --and grandparents and aunts and uncles-- alma mater:) and March Madness and even shot some hoops during the games

• you love grocery shopping in the fridge, loading up the dump truck, emptying it in the living room, and then putting it all back--you are awesome at cleaning up:)

•anything and everything doubles for a phone

• you had your first real black eye--can't really tell in the pic

•you love to go for walks

•you like to play on the playground

•you love to spend sunday school hour on the stairs at church and then are usually VERY reverent during sacrament meeting and 3rd hour RS...its a good trade off :)

i love you benner man! more and more every day!
im so lucky that you're my little man! ttmab!


tarat said...

He is so cute! Hopefully we can see his cuteness in person in June.

Rebecca Parker said...

How fun to see him in action another month old! Mowing the lawn aboard Dad is classic:) Glad the monkey back-up has come in handy literally too:) The home grocery shopping venture is brave but creative use of time:)until he spills or breaks a glass bottle eh? Prob won't give Luke any ideas but all the Parker boys are even more excited to play with their cousin now that he's 2-legged creature:) The black eye just gives him st cred...

Uffens Family said...

I have nothing else to say except that he is just as adorable as ever!!!!! I love him and can't wait to see him in think you could come up a little early for the wedding???

Tabitha said...

It's so funny how babies all go through the same stages. I wish you lived close so our little guys could hang out. It sounds like they like all the same things!

Marnie Bergeson said...

He is a little boy with a lot to do! He looks busy, busy, busy. I like your backyard - it looks like a perfect place for him to play. And, you can't beat the cute lawnmowing pictures with Dad! See you soon.