Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip to Ole' Miss

Right when the 2011 Football Schedule was released Lance and I decided we wanted to go to the closest road game: Ole Miss. What a perfect field, town to travel to! In the Spring, my parents and younger sisters decided to make a trip of it and join us! It was a blast. They flew into Louisville, we (Dad:) rented a van and we made the 7 hr road trip together!

Ben was a trooper--as usual:) between suckers, naps, magnets, cars, books, movies, & aunt cait-he was very entertained and well behaved the whole ride there!

We got to attend the fireside/devotional that the team puts on the night before their road games in Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis:) It was packed and a neat way to start the weekend. Ben was excited to see Jake and spotted him right away. Also recognized Kyle and Ross from the wedding so that was fun--pointing them out and waving to them up on the stand kept him entertained during most of the devotional.

Saturday morning we enjoyed our continental breakfast and then headed to Oxford to partake in all the pre-game tradition and tailgating that Ole Miss is known for. It was awesome! and everyone was soooooo kind and welcoming! THAT's what all games should be like and all fans, including BYU fans should have taken notes and treat their visiting fans the same way!

couldn't help but think of The Blind Side the whole time and we found ourselves looking for the Tuohy's in the Grove:) I bet they were there!

Brooke even caught a pic with Colonel Reb

Jake warmin up

It was HOT & HUMID but we were soooo grateful for the clouds because it really could've been soo much worse!

Grandma and Grandpa came prepared with fans for all--smart move! and entertaining for Ben:)

The game had it's stressful moments--and was a bit too close for comfort--but we came away with a W and that made it even more fun!

Our close friends the curfews even made the road trip with us. We watch EVERY game together in Kentucky and we were so glad Jake had a few extra tickets for Brittany C's bday weekend!!

Bronco and Jake congratulating Kyle after his awesome forced fumble and recovery for the game winning TD!

The "Shaw" Crew:)

I really wanted to get a pic of Ben in his uncle Jake jersey with Jake in his but he changes before they come out to catch the bus so I handed Ben over the fence real quick with Jake being rushed away to snap a quick photo. It was all real quick & had been a LONG day for Ben so he was a little too distracted by Jake's eye black to smile-oh well:)

Cait is one of Kyle's #1 fans:)

Ben and Jake before getting on the bus back to the airport

Mr. & Mrs. Heaps after game #1

It was so much fun to be at a game and we are so proud of Jake and all he has accomplished especially under all the pressure and scrutiny he is by fickle BYU fans (they're the worst--I can admit it) He is awesome and we look forward to watching him every week! Go COUGS!

We had a quick fun weekend with my family in town. It was fun to show them a couple things about KY that we love and where we spend most of our days:) however, because it was quick I didnt get many pics:( Vacuuming with Grandma--one of Ben's FAVORITE things to do!!
Playing at the park with grandpa after our walk at Cherokee
and a quick trip to Churchill Downs before the airport:)

It was a whirlwind weekend but fun to have visitors--anyone is welcome anytime!!


Uffens Family said...

What a fun trip!! Mississippi looked gorgeous and can't wait to visit Kentucky...hopefully when I meet the newest berg. Go cougs!!!

dah said...

So fun to see where you live, work, play...and loved sharing the "experience" with y'all...thanks for the hospitality...Ben is an angel...you and lance were good kids too.:)

tarat said...

Looks like fun. Glad you got to go. Every time I watch one of their games this year I am thinking of Brooke. Hope you get to watch more games in person!

Tabitha said...

We LOVE BYU!!!! Did I tell you Mike got a job at BYU so we are even BIGGER cougar fans now!

That is awesome that you made the road trip to the game! Mike would be so jealous. We have watched every game on TV and went to the Florida Game (good thing we won).

I just love Brooke and think she is so sweet. I'm happy she found a great guy like Jake!

I wish all the time that you lived across the street! Ben and Sawyer would be best buddies for sure!