Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blakely Robyn Bergeson

(40 weeks!)
She is here! But Ill rewind a few weeks...So the "birth story" starts Tuesday at 11 am at my 40 week appointment. Well kinda at my 39 week appointment when he was 100% confident that her head was down and I would go "any second" and I didnt even need to make a 40 week appt-- well this is kind of a famous Dr. Farmer line so I made my 40 week appt and waddled in there the following Tuesday:) Only this time he was 95% confident that her bum was down and she was breech. I was worried--because he thought my water would break any second I was scared to death to go into labor and have it cause any stress to the baby. I was a bit upset because at my 37 & 38 week appointments when he "couldn't tell where her head was", I asked for an ultrasound or something to confirm and he kinda ignored me:) oh well-- it happens-- but I wasn't prepared for a c-section, mentally. He quickly left the room to call hospital and they scheduled an ultrasound to confirm her position for that evening and reserved the hospital for the following morning. THANK GOODNESS my mom was on a plane already when I found out! We picked her up from the airport and headed back to the doctor office where the ultrasound confirmed she was definitely frank breech and with ZERO chance of turning or safely delivering so Caesarean delivery it was! (this also cramped our plans for mom and Britt date to see Hunger Games tuesday night :(-oh well) The next morning at 3:40 am, Lance and I headed to hospital to meet our baby girl. It was a little surreal to have it planned and know at exactly what time she would be here. 
Quick D-day picture on way out the door:)

getting all mom prepped me best she could with her C-section x5 experiences....The nurses had pity on lance and brought in scrubs vs. the white paper jumpsuit the dads typically wear:) She said right when she looked at him that she knew that wasn't gonna work:) Lance humored me with pictures:) I love that man!
The started my medication, my IV, antacids, etc. etc. and we waited in this cold prep room for about an hour exhausted but excited! Anesthetists, doctors and nurses all came and introduced themselves (well we already knew Farmer, but Lance hadn't met him yet) and I walked into the operating room at 6:00 am. It was FREEZING and sterile looking just like I had been warned but it still surprised me somehow. They made lance wait in the hall while I got epidural which was kinda sad because I had stared directly into his eyes during epidural attempts x3 with Ben but it was a lot different this time minus the contractions, back labor, etc. Different meaning I wasn't as uncomfortable but I also wasn't distracted and the spinal needle was much bigger and I felt every second--but definitely nothing like you guess, just a tight burn vs. pain if I HAD to describe it.  Once it was in, they laid me down fast with both my arms out and flat on table, quickly I got sick and the anesthetist apologized a few times saying that I may have gotten a little too much. I was numb up to my face and my eyes felt crazy if i looked to my left. It was BY FAR the most bizarre feeling ever!!! I could feel nothing but everything soooooo weird!  Anesthetist was great though ( I much prefer health professionals who acknowledge human error vs. acting like they have no idea why you feel so crazy:) and he tried to follow up with other anti-nausea stuff. Throwing up is difficult and uncomfortable to say the least when you cant feel/move anything and opening your mouth feels like a challenge but the nausea was resolved quickly and Lance held my hand while we waited to meet Blake. I could feel them positioning and moving my legs and pressure in my stomach. Her head was high up under my ribs and being an 8 lb baby girl there was lots of tugging and manipulation to get her out which was an unexplainable feeling. Took my breath away multiple times with pressure on diaphragm. Within minutes she was here, with just a little soft cry (which was wonderful to hear after the few scary silent minutes after Ben's birth). Her cry was low and soft just like his though and she initially looked like her daddy to me, Ben looked more like me in the first few hours of his life.

At 6:13 am, we emotionally and happily welcomed Blakely into this world! So relieved she was here safe and sound and all went smoothly!

Blakely Robyn Bergeson
8 lbs. 1 oz. 19 1/2 inches long
March 28th 2012

They showed me her quickly and then Lance followed her over to get cleaned up and checked out by nurses. I mustered strength in could and used my left hand to hold the curtain back just enough to watch them tend to my sweet baby girl. Looking to the left my vision would leave and it gave me a splitting headache so I could only look/watch for a few seconds at a time.

She is beautiful! Lance brought her over to me and held her by my face so I could kiss and see her better while they stapled and stitched me up. 

They wheeled me into recovery and I still felt numb but could start to move a little, my arms and face at least....I finally got to hold her! she didn't make a peep, just snuggled up. The first signs of another mellow sweet and calm precious baby!

In recovery I wanted to start texting family, taking pictures, and just hold my baby girl but I felt so crazy. I was nauseous and could NOT keep my eyes open. I could hear and knew everything that was going on but had such a hard time answering their questions and participating in conversations...again ill say it...bizarre and unexplainable:) 



Finally, in our room I STARTED to wake up a little and could get dressed. I told lance to use the group convos on my phone, from when I had texted our ultrasound news the night before including his family and mine and some friends, to alert everyone of happenings but I totally forgot that because my mom was with us the night before she wast in that group text and my sweet mom was at home with Ben just patiently waiting to hear anything for hours!! We felt terrible but FINALLY informed her of Blakely's safe arrival and my sweet friends took Ben for the day and brought my mom over to the hospital.
They were instant friends:)


We all bonded and Lance headed to his 2 o'clock class. After class, he picked Ben up after his nap and brought Big Brother over to meet "baby sisser". Ben had been so-oo excited and I couldn't wait to see how he took it all in...

He was sooo sweet! The videos--will post later:)--are so sweet! He just was grinning ear to ear and kept saying, "she's cute!" "What she doin mom?" haha..."I love her!"

He was anxious to hold her and don't worry, i made sure she wore red to match his Big Brother shirt:)


Ben presented Blake with the Bunny he picked out for her--he was kind of bummed she couldn't hold it yet so he happily obliged to continue to care for Foo Foo until she could:)



We had a WONDERFUL day together as a family. Grandma got us some pizza from local pizzeria and we partied for Blakely's birthday. We felt so grateful to have my mom here to help me understand all of my side affects, help with the baby, and play with Ben and most of all just her company and the time together:) She brought him home to sleep and Lance was able to stay with Blake and I at hospital. I am so grateful for my sweet family!


Joel and Sara said...

Loved this post Britt!!

bbcurfew said...

loved this story! you're a trooper!

Rebecca Parker said...

Love how you managed to take pic before hosp @ crack o' dawn but t'is lame indeed that missed movie date:/ Sorry 'bout craziness post C-section...can only imagine not to mention the spinal headaches afterward but any excuse to drink Mtn Dew can't be all bad:) Definitely part o' my daily Rx too! Kinda had to laught when said couldn't keep eyes open 'cuz I feel same way & my baby=3 1/2! Guessing that part might last a while, but she is worth it & fun to see extra pics o your sweet lil' fam together-Always a bonus to have Grandma Neecy around too & Grandma Debra/Berg is a keeper too!