Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blake's 1st week:)

Day 2 of sweet Blake-So far she is such a sweet, cuddly, mellow little thing. She is looking more and more like Ben by the second. Im not gonna lie--so far I am loving the rosettes and girly frills:) it's fun! Blake won "Cutest baby in the Nursery" all three days she was at the hospital and we must say we agree :)

Evening of day 2: VISITORS!! we have so many awesome friends that were anxious to come meet Blakely! Weds night we were a little exhausted so Thursday evening it was!

Ben & Blake with the Curfs! We sooooo wish we could be baby Drake's (or whatever they decide to name Baby Boy Curfew) first visitors in July--sad!! They brought Ben & Blake cute twinner monkeys:) Once again-Ben is caring for them both and was equally entertained with the gift bag!

Erin, Joce, & Shan with Blake & I

They originally wanted me to stay till Saturday but I talked Farmer into Friday because I knew my Lancer and my personal nurse aka mom would take good care of me-- I couldn't wait to get home! 
Cuddling with Dad before getting checked out

Blake is set with TONS of adorable hand-me downs from her Uffen's cousins and was showered with darling gifts but every little girl deserves a few things of her own. Grandma made her this cozy blanket and I indulged in cute polka dots to bring her home in--sz NB--I learned my lesson when Ben was DROWNING in 0-3 for a while:)

getting loaded in the car and all buckled up:)

Brother & Grandma were waiting for us at home Blake surprised Ben with a "Thanks for letting me move in" present for the best big brother ever!! (she took a loan from grandparents:) Ben could've cared less that she one-upped his bunny (true boy:) and was THRILLED!!! He wanted to give Blake a ride:)

He loves his Gator! Nothing runs like a Deere! Aunt Meg is especially proud and whole Berg crew that we are educating him in the finest of farm equipment:)

What follows is a mess of pictures from week one. They got all mixed up when uploading and sorting them out with the new blogger format seems overwhelming right now and is difficult one handed:) so here they are....enjoy week 1 of Blakely joining the Bergs:)

Sunday walk with family in new BOB duallie from Gma and Gpa Shaw! 

Blake and baths started out very emotional but QUICKLY learned to love baths with grandma: the professional baby bather and tub whisperer...she loves it and so do the babes:) 
day trip out to the temple & costco:) Ben and Grandma played on temple grounds while Blake ate lunch in the car:) 
so glad I purchased the $1 Carter's cardi--love it:) 

walks, errands, returns, baths, cuddling on the couch, doctors appts, etc...
At Blake's first appointment---a day shy of one week old she had already gotten back to her birth weight--way to go Blakey:) 

Ben loves to share his toys with baby sister:)
 he occasionally gets frustrated when she wont hold a car or motorcycle etc:)
driving around neighborhood in the Gator:)

listening to LDS General Conference--she was very reverent:)

Blake is eating every 3 hours during the day and going ON AVG 3-4 hours at a time at night.
She is super cuddly and honestly NEVER cries. When she is up at night with me or grandma its just up and awake, maybe fidgety but never crying!!  KNOCK on WOOD! She is starting to be a little more alert and is awake for about two 1-2 hr periods during the day-usually one in am and one later evening. She is learning to love her bathtubs! still looking a LOT like Ben.
She doesn't have too many tricks yet:) The week has FLOWN by and I sometimes forget I am mom of two! I love her more than life itself already
and we are tired but so-soo grateful that she is part of our family!


Michelle said...

What a doll. You look amazing and Blake is adorable. What a beautiful family. Give that little bundle a cuddle for me! :)

Uffens Family said...

We are so so glad she is part of our family too:)!!! She is seriously so precious and we are counting down to see you in June!! What a gorgeous family you and Lance have!!

Tabitha said...

so beautiful! send me the link to whatever tutorial you used to make all the cute headbands and onesies! She is a doll!

Tabitha said...

In some pictures she looks just like Ben! In other pictures she has her own look, but you can tell they are siblings! What a cute family. And you look awesome! A hot momma!

Rebecca Parker said...

Have looked @ the most recent posts twice without commenting in my defense, but how would you know otherwise?! Fun to see Ben in pink Lacoste since one o' few haven't already peeked @ via phone...almost blessing in disguise that other phone broke since can now rec've pics just not take any o' my own:) Anyway proud of your cont efforts to coord despite added challenge of both genders:)
Remember to call our beloved parents G-pa Gar & G-ma Neecy-NOT just Shaw...but the pro baby bather/tub whisperer is good title for her as well:)
Still can't believe that Ben got full-on rider vehicle vs stuffed animal I envisioned:) What does Blakely give her fav aunts?
If that cardi was only $1, it certainly does make even cuter but the adorable baby helps too! She does look a lot like big bro & he seems sweet & sharing even of his mom's time so hopefully you can rest assured that so far so good & give yourself a break since she's barely a mo old! Keep pics coming in meantime 'cuz unsure if I can go whole 'nother mo without fam together in WA!?!

jojo said...

congratulations!! your kids are so adorable. i've been wondering what you've been up to since our PCS days.

jojo said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! your family is so cute. i've been wondering what you've been up to since our PCS days. it looks like you've been busy. enjoy that new little one.

The Becks said...

Congratulations Brit! She is the sweetest little baby girl. We received her announcement yesterday. I love it! What a cute family you have!!