Sunday, March 31, 2013


In an effort to get caught up on the blog here is September in pictures
...with just a few little captions:)

Tearing down my parents Cabin at Lake Merwin, 
excited for new cabin but kinda sad to lose our beloved home base as it is:) 

The many many faces of our Blakely girl:) 

love that he still sleeps with his bum in the air:) 
first ice cream cone that is all his own:) 

my big boy! learning to use the big boy potty---(because this is post dated turns out this was just a tease, it would be months before he decided he was ready:) 
trying baby food--not so sure how she felt about oatmeal cereal:) but cute while trying it!!
movie night with my buddy!
Nature class with Miss Rosemary-so much fun! different topics every Thursday and walks through the Joe Creason forest. 

Ben started soccer with the Louisville Soccer Alliance. He had moments when he loved it and other moments when he was 2 and just wanted to dink around vs. organized practice. 1 hr was a bit long:)

6 months old!

this boy is a rockstar at puzzles! 

Story time at the mid city mall library:) 
a check up for ear infection antibiotics:) and a lunch date with daddy at the school:)

movie night at the zoo:)

Cheesecake Factory for Daddy's birthday!

power wheels and stroller brigade:)

my little helper:) 
sunday best:) 

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Rebecca Parker said...

I'm partial to Sept but fun to see your pics from that month too:) Impressed that you are within 6 mos o your blog considering mine was last update 2 yrs ago or so:/