Sunday, March 31, 2013


i LOVE LOVE LOVE these 6 mo check up pics of my Blakely. Dr. Sturgeon even requested copies:) 6 mo check up October 2, 2012:  Blake weighs 18 lbs 6 ounces and is 27 inches. Most of her clothes are 6-12 months and she wears a size three diaper and size two shoes.

Blakely is such a happy baby! so quick to smile and giggle we love it!

Playing outside and enjoying our nice, warm Fall weather!
On a terrible day in October, I had just bought a new Ninja Blender, I put the kids down for a nap and opened it up to put it to use making some spinach and basil fettuccine. I didn't need all the pieces so I only halfway opened it and left the box on the floor. Ben woke up a little while later and I forgot I had left the box out. He saw a nice shiny blade and of course thought the best thing to do was to throw it. Nice thing I heard was "Uh oh mom, Im sorry!" He finger was totally gashed! I tried to use some clotting powder and steri strips but after an hour or so and the bleeding would not stop, I brought Ben to the doctor. It was too deep for them to want to mess with it, so I brought him to the ER where he got a digit block and 8-10 stitches (which Blakely could've done better if you ask me :) They gave him some meds to help him calm down and it made him all loopy and silly and sweet:) 

I started to get the kids costumes together for halloween. I loved their first coordinating costumes: cowboys and indians:) Ben saw a Gabba Gabba episode where Muno is a cowboy and then played with his cousins stuffed horse and home and there was no changing his mind:) 

Boo at the Zoo with friends

 playing with the Elders
Ben's Halloween "spider legs"
cute twinner jams on conference weekend:)

Aunt Cait came to visit and we were so excited
We spent one day at Henry's Ark, a free petting zoo with a bunch of fun unique animals:) 
cuddling, playing at the park, eating out, ice cream treats, so much fun with blakey!
Ben & Kai-best buddies!:)
It appears Blake liked her first hike in the backpack--she's quickly becoming a knee high naturalist just like her brother at nature class. 
we live so close to the zoo why not hit up Boo at the Zoo x2?!:) 

Ben was sOOOO brave when he got his stiches out. His doctor also thought the ER had done a bad job on stitches and when he removed them it was STILL bleeding so he had to glue it again. 

I have loved making headbands for my Blakely and when the opportunity arose ended up making nearly 200 for a boutique. The boutique was a flop but I was able to sell them all on my own and have made some really good money! only downfall is that I never wanna make a headband again:) 

Another family trip to Huber Farms

Ward Fall Festival at the Cotton Farm
we went with 2 cowboys because it was chilly out:) 

Trick or treating from the Lows with a yummy chili dinner before :) 
love this little famiily of mine:)


Rebecca Parker said...

looks like another action-packed month for the Bergs! Impressed by your maximized fall festivities...even better to capture it all on camera!

Uffens Family said...

Loved their Halloween costumes!! Grateful to benefit from you craftiness!! and the Ninja blender thing could have happened to anyone! Glad Ben recovered and finger is in tact! You are so good at capturing all the best moments!