Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ben's First Halloween

Bergeson family costumes 2010...A little felt, wonder-under, scissors, iron & too many anatomy classes when I was in school resulted in these silly hoodies. Ben had some new jammies from Gma B and a hand-me-down skeleton costume from Parker boys.

First we hit the Halloween Party at our church.
We had a good time-they did a great job.

After we did some impromptu pumpkin carving at the Tafoya's with our pumpkins from Huber...we went with a boring, creepy, B for Boo, Ben, Brittany, Bergeson, or whatever you would like that looked cute adorning our porch:)

Ben and I made a trip to grocery store Saturday morning and I figured because his jammies had a skeleton on them and it was halloween it wasn't too white trash to rock jammies while out and about-right?! He had some pretty sweet hat hair too:)

We got our treats ready for a fun Halloween Party at the Low's....
our 7 layer dip with sour cream web and a yummy chocolate mouse brownie (dirt) trifle with mint milano headstones and underground worms--pretty festive & yummy if I do say so myself. Also brought some (not pictured) white chicken chili for the cook off that was yummy!

It was finally kinda chilly enough for Ben to don his costume and he was a fan.

The party crew at the Low's
An attempt at a kids picture--a lame attempt at that
--it proved impossible, but they looked pretty cute:)

Thanks Erin and James (& Brady)!
We had such a fun time and look forward to next year:)

Happy Halloween 2010!

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Uffens Family said...

Cutest skeleton family ever! I am so impressed with those costumes!